Monday, December 7, 2009

exam week!

my last exam is tomorrow! and i go home....soon! I CANT WAIT! study break with ashley riley in 10 minutes. i thought i would drop in to say hi to my few readers! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

thanks for coming to my mind! i will see ya soon..LITERLALLY!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Banana Pancakes.

Can't you see that it's just raining there aint no need to go outside. Just got ack from lunch and church. I have alot of studying to start. Giger Ale is wonerful. I feel like t makes me feel better. Kinda like chocoalte but not exactly. Chocolate is the best medicine to everything. EVERYTHING! It can mend and broken heart or can fix any sad day. I love chocolate. I am home so soon. Can't wait.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Power of One.

So far a whole week without secular music! i feel good. and i have discovered some new stuff! rain rain rain rain rain rain rain. im so excited this weekend i am going to my friend taylors house for splatter paint adventures. i love ceramics. i see how god is proud of us, he made each of us. i feel the same when i make my pots. its wonderful. 16 minutes left of work. i had a spicy chicken wrap from chik-fil-a not bad, pretty yummy. i wish i could take pictures like sax she is amazing at what she does. a little less than 2 weeks until Thanksgiving with the Hall family. i could use some hot apple cider right now.

thank you for visiting my mind. see ya soon

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

post secret Pictures, Images and Photos

we all have secrets.......weird huh? like we all have something we are hiding. how can you really know one person if they have those deep secrets. those deep secrets could totally reshape them, and we have no idea who the real them is. people live double lives all the time, and we are none the wiser.

so all day at work i have been reading this new blog i found.... and thats all i have been thinking about.

tehy are fantastic what a wonderful way to get out a secret. i think its funny, witty, and amazing. i mean no they arent secrets to be proud of....but i love it, i hope yall do too.

i nhad so much to say today i lost it all. it will come back to me. but go visit the blog and tell me what you think.

hope you enjoyed this visit to my mind come back soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

rain & coke.

so i thought i was very witty up there....rain and coke....rum and coke. HAHAHA! too funny. i had a good laugh. ok so as i am sitting at the front desk im sipping on a coke. it has been on and off down pour for the past couple hours. but thats ok because i now have my rainboots on. so i am giving relationship to someone who is a little hopeless. NO OFFENSE TO HER. but im scared to plant a hope in her mind and have her get let down. so i am being unbelievably gentle. theres that fire alarm again just blinking begging me to pull it UGHH! why does wrong have to feel so right. tonight is the HODOWN! however the stupid rain might ruin that. ok so i was on facebook and theres an ad for a shirt that says bacon makes everything better. no it doesnt. chocolate does stop filling my mind with lies. i am so tired. well now i have some busy work i can get done. so thats what im gonna do.

thanks for this visit it was delightful.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

meteor showers & gentlemen

so i stayed up until 2:30 watching the meteor shower. it was so fun. i loved it! it was cold though so me and my roomate spooned for warmth. overall a great time. im having a good hair day. the math test today was EXTREME. like extremely hard. i guess cus i was too busy to study due to falling stars. MY BAD. so this morning im on the phone talking to momma walking to my 8 am class. and this guys is way behind me. as i am about to reach for the door. i look to my right and the guy is right there. i jumped a lil got a lil freaked. and then realized he came up quickly so he could open the door for me. HOW NICE! like small things like that just make your whole day. so thank you mysery boy who is in my bible class that opened the door for me. WILL YOU MARRY ME? ok maybe not. soooo today has been rather busy .but im out of stuff to blabber about.

thank you for visiting my mind, it has been enjoyable

RIP Walter Brooks.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


so being home was amazing. im so glad i had that chance. now im back in tenn and busy. but im porcrastinating. i have a math test tomorrow. my frien asa from BSA is on the radio at his collee ad im listenig tohi. i love it! so im bitter about things. im only human cant help it. my facebook is in pirate laguage! thanksgiving in like 4 weeks! then winter break in 2 wees after that! AHHH! cant wait. i have alot to do tonight. theres a meteor shower tonight at 4!

Monday, October 12, 2009

no class & sprite

today i woke up ate my apple took my vitamin got ready for the day (i looked amazingly cute) went took my exam (feel pretty good about it) and then ran to my dorm bathroom to barf the whole apple. yea i guess the apple was not the kind of food the vitamin needed. it stinks. i missed a class i needed to go to and then got my self prepared for my class after that one. i walked to class it was canceled. i napped until 11 because i have work. i walked in hoping there was sprite in the mini fridge to settle my stomach. there was one left. moral of this story put out an effort and god will reward you with class cancelations and sprite.

sweet and short. gotta love my mind.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

scary movies, leperchauns and genius lyrics

im sitting here in the dorm lobby watching amityville horror. its legit scaryyyyyyy. i just finished drinking a delicious strawberry smoothie. its 2 am. pimples are buttholes. woah this movie! SO! me im making a cd (not really), but its called Parodity Hilarity; Dry University. i have been randomly coming up with wonderful songs for the cdd some being about the rules of lee and how tonight is the best night ever. its pretty great. this movie makes me feel crazy. im going to be a leperchaun for halloween! crap i forgot to take my vitamin today. have you ever realized in every scary movie there is a mirror shot....ALWAYS! i have some srious studying to do. new testament exam monday. fall break starts thursday i have decided to go to knoxville with my roomates and some other friends. taylors family has a cabin we are staying in so it should be nice. i have bad luck at good will. darn sharpe family who always gets amazing things. i miss having candles....OOH GOOD IDEA FOR MY NEXT SONG!!! i miss my dog. this movie gets worse and worse! oye vay. has anybody realized how scary imaginary friends are. how weird. well i am gonna torture myself with the rest of this movie. OH YEA! im spending thanksgiving with the halls!!!!! HOW EXCITING! im soo glad! thats all.


Friday, October 9, 2009

whiplash and midnight jumping

this week has been one heck of a rollercoaster. highpoint....cliff jumping at midnight with some girls. lowpoint.....whiplash from car accident. BUT IM ALIVE. so thats nice! the weather is bi-polar. and one of the ladies at my work is speaking french to her boyfriend. although i shall inform you he is i guess that fine. very uncomfortable. 1 hour and ten minutes to go. i'm reading twilight once again. gotta love it. i lost 40 dollars! i cant believe it I freaked. this is the longest french phone conversation i have ever heard. still uncomfortable. i have now learned how to answer the phone and transfer a phone call succesfully! (i have only done it once.) ok so theres this fire alarm right across from the front desk and i cant help but want to pull it. its bright red with a little flashing light! but i will fight the urge. im going to be a leparchuan for halloween! i cant wait to exciting. fall break is next week, and since i cant come home i have decided to go to knoxville with some friends. they have a cabin somewhere there so thats what i will be doing. now she is giggling....giggling and speaking french. does it count as eavesdropping if i dont understand it?

well theres a guy outside checking his reflection out and about to walk in. so as i deal with him please exit my mind, don't leave any belongings behind.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Woah. I forgot what this whole thing was. Well here I am at the start of school again, picking back up the wonderful habit of blogging. Thank you April for saving me. College is a blast. Being sick is not. Here I sit at work, with nothing to do except surf the web (who do I sound like). I have had a miserable morning. Barely surviving my classes, not trying to maintain my dimming smile for work. I had a delicious roast beef sandwhich for lunch, which i secretly ate behind the desk. I love ceramics 1! It is the best class in the world. I got my hairs cut! After allowing my roomate to cut it, it needed a little re-touching. Well Thats all I got for now.

Tahnk You so much for visiting my mind. I will try dusting out the cobwebs. Love Yall

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

deprived of lunch.

mom forgot to give me my lunch money this morning. and i remembered right when i got on the train and the doors were closing. so im sitting here starving. although i am unusually happy! prom this saturday and school is done monday followed by exams. which im pretty sure i have to take most of them...i kinda bombed a test in chem today...WHOOPS! thats gonna destroy my 95ish. i keep thinking people are talking about me. its weird. i could use some mac and cheese and orios! yumm im hungry. so tonight is church. i always am thinking i am gonna skip...tonight i might. dont be mad. i just am not in the mood to be around everyone. i wanna do homework at home and eat. its weird though cus even though this is the last week of school for seniors teachers are piling on what the can. GROWLLLL. that was my stomach. i feel beautiful today. and slightly dehydrated. i felt the urge to steal this boys hoodie in theory 3 today...i liked was red...i didnt steal it. this kid next to me keeps twirling his hair. this class period has gona by soo fast like the rest of my day. the librarian is yelling at people to be quiet...NOT HAPPENING. i want to learn how to paint...really good. i just wanna paint all day. im gonna go fill out some scholarship crap. maybeee... well im out.

thanks for visiting my mind. come back soon!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

quit playing games with my heart...SIKE

i am very confused. why am i the one who is always playing the not even playing games im just being myself. so i had my senior recital monday...2...COUNT EM 2...cellphones went on during my performance. it was horrible somehow i magically kept my composure finished my piece smiled and walked off stage, following by a bunch of wirty dords that came out of my mouth. so i guess i am back on phase one with the cussing thing but i was so angry. dont you love excuses. well at least i finished with the bang...or a rrring i should say. i think i am getting a sore on my hurts. i am so hungry i could eat a grizzly bear or a mountain lion. yes that was a twilight reference. i want chipotle yummmmm! so i went on the girls beach weekend with a bunch of chicks from church. it was wonderful and i think everyone can agree that we all felt really good about ourselves after that. so im gonna go find something to eat...or someone to punch in the face. my last day of schoolis the 18th so that gives me 8 more days of my highschool career left! oye vay ist mir.

ok well im out. thanks for visiting my mind please come back soon!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Get your hands off my bassoon!

summerly feels the need to cuddle. everyoneand their mother is either sick...or in mexico. its so weird the swine flu comes alopng and everyone runs to mexico. i know of like 5 people in mexico for "VACATION". so we had a concert for kids today and we had to go in the audience and play with them and show them our instruments. so this kid comes up and grabs my bassoon while it was still in my hands. i grabbed it back and was like sorry kid you cant hold it. he HUMFed** and then stomped away. yes okay like im gonna let you hold my $5,000 bassoon. ha cute.. ok so tonight i am going to see the seniors preduction of mid summer night dream! so excited. but life isnt perfect and im missing the dodgeball tourney..sorry liv! BEACH WEEKEND! theres only like 7 of us....but it will be fun. i went driving last night. and the niight before. brit i actually might be ready to ride ur car soon! i wasnt too bad. ofcourse dad made it worse by yelling when i was about to intersect too early. im a begginer im not supposed to know everything. but i told him calmly that him yelling actually made my fear worse and my nervousness. all day i have had these butterflies in my stomach.....WHY? i dont even understand it!

well thats all i got. please remember to wash your hands religiously. and come back to visit soon!

Friday, April 24, 2009

i dont wanna be a hypocrite...cus their not hip with it.

ok. so yesterday our conductor got fired. he wasnt reaching the "teaching" standards. yes in his deffense he was very good and our orchestra wasnt sounding half bad. (im sitting at the crappy computer again with the broken space bar.) and now a group of students are walking around school with these signs as a protest against him. protesting is fine you have a right. whatever. the catch is half of these kids were bad mouthing him LAST week. they all talk about how he was a jerk and how much they miss erin (ex-conductor who left cus she had a better job opportunity.) and its making me so angry. of music) came to us and told us and everyone was like what? why? thats dumb. blah blah blah blah blah. these kids dont make sense. they are never happy. and you know what else kids that arent even in the music department are doing it too. COME ON PEOPLE! if your an actor please stay in your department and dont try to fight for something you dont know CRAP about! oye vay!

ok well thanks for visitng my mind today hope you enjoyed the complimentary rant.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 step..

ok guys theres a song that i just listened to and i am now in love with. only because its so danceable! just wait once you listen you wont be able to not dance! the song is: Fancy Footwork. by: Chromeo. so go listen to it. but finish reading my blog first. today at lunch i was sitting with my friends listening to this song dancing and all of a sudden i notice a group of boys look over at me....not attractive boys (well 1 is) BUT THATS NOT THE pointed me out to everyone else and one through his chair on the ground like he was shocked...ABOUT WHAT? i was confused and just waved (they waved back) and continued dancing. i mean now im super curious. i dont know if im gonna be at church tonight im debating. i kinda just need a night to just sleep. these boys are always late to class due to playing chess LAME! i had the best french fries yesterday! i made a heart out of a gum wrapper. i want to go swimming. im wearing tye dye! im craving chipotle...but no money darn it! so i have this horrible curse...overthinking every situation. i have to stop cus it ruins everything! well im gonna go do something..


now you can go listen to that song!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

if walls could talk..i would listen.

seriously i was just thinking...besides god walls know everything! seriously i wish i could here what a wall has to say. they know secrets from years and years back. the library is ridiculously crowded. not so happy about that. guys i am being really mature...and i hate it. theres this guy and he really likes me and yes i feel the same but nothing can happen because of college. i have seriously been keeping with that. ITS SO HARD. i hate being mature. immaturity is beauty! i would really love to hear what the walls in prince charmings castle had to say. i bet they knew the best gossip. even though gossip is a sin, i still enjoy it. BUT I REALLY DONT TRY TO SIN. listen im growing up im realizing ow hard it is not to sin. i mean seriously sinning is seemingly wonderful stuff...i guess thats what makes it a sin. why is it harder to not sin when you are an adult. i bet any wall can answer that question. if walls spoke do you think they would have different accents depending on where they are built. and they would know different knowledge too. WONDERFUL! what a great thought to get lost in. i have been having very strange dreams. i had chipotle for lunch...i love leftover chipotle! ITS ALWAYS BEST THE SECOND DAY! yumm. i have been a lil curious because someone is supposed to talk to me about something and and some people like to keep those kinds of things to themselves...GRR.

well thats all i have to say...not really but this will do.


Monday, April 20, 2009

tendonitis and sweet talkers.

i would just like to say how much i like boys. i really just enjoy them. i have a certain friend and he just takes care of me like no other friend i have. and then there is another guy who feels the need to talk to me everyday...i feel the same. its just nice. i know some guys are little turds but i have really been finding the good ones. i mean present not past(for those of you who are thinking other wise.) my tendonitis is acting so bad im miserable. im gonna go home rub bengay all over my arm and watch some tv! sounds wonderful! OOOO PROM DRESS TONIGHT FOR SURE~

ok well im out schools over. library is empty.


Friday, April 17, 2009

soo please tell me what the point of a SUPER expensive limo is. the group im in wants to pay 102 bucks a person for the limo. THERES LIKE 14 OF US! its like 1500ish. my date was like well you gotta pick if you wanna do it or not. I DONT! im angry its so dumb. i had a wonderful piece of pizza today for lunch. im about to practice some bassoon. i dont know what else to write about. i know its sad but im a lil speechless. so im gonna go practice and try to get that cat to let go of my tounge.

come back soon. and for my creeper......i like when you creep me! (april) not to be meant in a weird way.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i tried on my cap and gown today and wanted to cry. for some reason i am super paranoid right now. dont worry i didnt do drugs. i am so over with this year and i want to start fresh. i am tired and cant think straight. i keep looking for someone i know isnt in here. (the school library). i have this friend i screwed things up with and now they cant be mended. I HAVE TRIED but it just doesnt work. it makes me sad cus me and him were so close and it is just so sucky. i need to go shopping. paintball was a blast i really would love to go again. i have a test to take so wish me luck!

I LOVE YALL ALOT...COME BACK. only come back if i post again dont come back to reread all my posts cus that is a lil creepy. so dont be a creeper.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

go big...or go home!

so im sitting at my computer. SHOCKER! yep my computer at my house, not my school. i know what a shame cus i have better thoughts there. so i am listening to one of my favorite singers...hes a little vulgar but truthfully i cant find anything like him thats clean and better or just as good. im in love with him, if you are curious his name is anthony hill. DONT JUDGE ME, you decided to read my blog. so today is CAN YOU TAKE THE HEAT DAY at chik fil a and me and bekah are going to GO TAKE THE HEAT! i need to get a prom dress. PAINTBALL THIS SATURDAY! seriously way too excited. my allergies are acting up. tomorrow night im spending the night at the halls house! im having a good hair day. OOO i watched jerry springer this morning it was the funniest thing ever these two gross women were fighting for this weird (britt i spelled it right!) guy and they were like belly bumping eachother ha! lee day was fabulous i cannot wait to start. so today i found out when im quiet people think i am being snotty HA! thats not the case. im craving a sweet tea from chik. mmm. im soo glad its not sunday for that same reason. so i have to go do laundry because i dropped everything from the trip on my floor late sunday night and its still there. so i have to make moms happy and clean it up.

IM GLAD YOU VISITED MY MIND. COME BACK SOON! or dont. but if you want you can.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

music geek...

today my theory class was talking about 7th diminished chords.....wich is just a chord like F-A-C-E....ok so we started talking in music language and using all the insults in chords. and we named everyone a chord based on who they are. so my name i s7 diminished 6 9 of flat 3. THATS HILARIOUS CUS IT DOESNT EXSIST AND ITS RIDICULOUS. so i realize no one will understand it but this is what i have been doing all a loser.



o and i have some bad news. they arent letting me walk at graduation. i just found out today. and i cried for like a while. its dumb because they said i didnt represent the department well enough and the fact i got a D on my jury. a jury is our final test to show what we have learned(on bassoon). so im super duper upset about this.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TOP 5.....

So here we go.....

5. eating junk food
4. pictures
3. just cuddling with my blanket and pillow
2. singing fun/ridiculous music
1. trying to do fun crazy stunts in a small space

5. junk food/drinks
4. blanket/pillow
3. ipod
2. a good book

Monday, March 30, 2009

i like to pat myself on the back some times...

ok soo im good. i have guts. im having a good hair day. new friend is fantastic! old friend is even more fantastic. qdoba tonight! only 3 days!!!! i am super comfy in my own skin today. i got an 80 on a quiz! my teachers are being understanding. no wind ensemble today! i am happy mmhmm!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

they were counting out the ways to stab a brother in the B RIGHT BACK AFTER THIS.

Friday, March 27, 2009

hello! i have been slacking with these blogs. but today is pretty nice out and i am in a very good mood! i finally did my chemistry project and presented today. i had macaroni and cheese for lunch. ooo tomorrow is sushi! im exciting. i saw Knowing last night i had no idea it was a sci-fi. apparently it was obvious but i didnt know. i liked it but it was very interesting. i cant wrap my head around the fact that today is friday. Lee day THURSDAY!!!! i cant wait super duper excited. i love new friends. the library is like almost empty but still pretty loud. i think im gonna watch twilight tonight! i have seen already a billion times. well thats all for now.


Friday, March 20, 2009

downhill friday...please help.

so today was going great...and then i went to work on my chemistry project on the computer to find that it was missing. yes gone completely gone! i freaked and ran to my teacher who ran back to the comp lab with me to find yes it really was gone. so now i have to restart the whole thing. im gonna start from scratch with a new topic and all. he gave me another week to do the project so thats better i guess. oye vay. well the project can be on anything involving chemistry. i was doing the effects of caffeine on pregnancy. but now i dont know what i want to do....any ideas. be as creative as possible..THANKS.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

grilled cheese & lepricons

im just a bill yea im only a bill and im sitting here on capitol hill! i am in a very fine mood today. i have a us history quiz tomorrow. i have this stupid crush.....still. hes jewish. oops. i had a free brownie yesterdy from howards cafe! i should go practice bassoon right now....but i dont i wont! lee dy is coming up and im super duper excited. i like jazz and i hate peanut butter. i really want to ireland. these attractive irish boys were at my school yesterday. but they were fun to talk to. im eating grilled cheese tonight and watching lepricons with ashley! ok im going to go do my chem project!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i ate bacon bits today....i felt like a dog. this space bar is broken so i have to jam it down to make a space. i really dont have much to say. i have to go though. so this was short. real short

thanks for reading this useless crap!

and bekah i really enjoyed reading your love blog

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i guess this is just life...

so im back to my lovely blog. and surprisingly i am sitting on my couch with my brothers lap top. im staring out window at the rain. this is my best time to think. im ready to leave for college...i guess that is because i feel my life i slowly falling apart. im happy though cus my brother is home and we really are close. so i guess i feel this way because i am way too dependent on other people. all mybrothers things are dusty from iraq. i love that. its so real. i miss brittany. i saw you this morning but i still miss you i feel far away. i needto figure a way to get out of my slump. im going to go color a picture. it will make me happy. o i made really good rice krispy treats. they were delish! well thats enough for now.

welcome back to my mind. i hope yall didnt miss it too much.

Friday, February 27, 2009


so i used to have this pair of jeans that i adored. they were light blue and i ended up tearing them up horribly. they had holes in the knees the thighs. I LOVED THEM! they were my play jeans, and i even dressed them up a couple times. so this is the point our happy story turns to a tear jerker. my father decided these jeans were innapropriate. it broke my heart we hung out all summer to fall...(2008). so i started to realize that they we as tattern and torn as he said. so i was cleaning my room one day. and i decided it would be best for our relationship if we broke things of. i threw those jeans in the trash like a rotten apple. it didnt effect me till now. all i have is the memory of those sweet wonderful jeans. RIP. if you look up at my header you will see the jeans before they were the mess they became.

thank you for visiting my mind sweet mind!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

summerly is genuinity.

first i am proud to say i have used the word genuinity more than 3 times. i am super excited tonight because when i go home im making myself a pot of mac and cheese and im gonna do my project....the catch im home by myself! cant wait. summerly's bubble is blown back to its original size. i need to find a devotion that works! so i have so much PORKCHOPS on my mind right now i dont even know what to do. you know when you are like awaiting to do something but you need to wait and give it time to chill before you do......but you are wayy to impatient.....THATS ME! im angry at my friend luke because he is a HOTDOG. when i was sitting in US history it smelled like moth balls. i really would love to have a bouquet of daisies right now so i can smile. everyone is coughing i feel like im in a hospital or something its grossssssssssss. so today i found out i got a 47 on a quiz in english and i was like what the STEAK. the period is almost over and im gonna go pretend i am accidently bumping into someone even though its totally planned out. ok so im done.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

not so wordless wednesday

so i love wordless wednesday but i just have so much to say so im just gonna not be wordless. im so hungry i feel like my stomach is trying to eat me. then i have this sticky stuff on my butt becausei sat on a mystery substance. EWW. i have this boo boo in the middle of my hand and every time i look at it i think about god. and i have had a couple slip ups in the cussing catergory today i had one....SORRY BRITT. schools almost done i got like 20 minutes left so im wasting it in here. im going to lee university cant wait. my computer at home isnt working and it makes me angry however my room is super clean and for some reason i have kept it clean for a week magic. i am reading new moon again i am a loser o well i like being a loser its fun. why do people find it offensive when they are called immature when im called immature i cant do anything but agree im 17 and my mind 1/2 the time will be in the gutter or just being plain goofy. i burnt my toungue twice yesterday in the same spot. i have 3 assignments due friday that i havent started. im trying not to cuss but people are throwing words aroud like its baseball practice its hard not to catch one and pass it right back. i am having a very bad hair day. i hate when you hear someones voice and you think its one guy and its someone else. GRR. ok here it goes...................WORDLESS

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Monday, February 23, 2009

here are some of my complaints!

today i am super blah. cant wait to go home. the library it too loud. it is super hot in here. i want certain people to talk to me. and i feel like a gross mess in sweat pants.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009


so grey's was interesting last night. mcdreamy and mcsteamy fight!! my nose is all stuffed up. the venasin i ate at lunch was delicious. i have buttloads of homework this weekend i am not looking forward. tomorrow i am going prom dress shopping! even though at the moment im dateless.....o well. i am in such great spirits right now. i dont know why. but lately i have been amazing. i need some new pants. you know what a beautiful color is....plum I LOVE IT! o yea guys i am in the library! my mom is very stylish im wearing this cute sweater of hers its like pink and maroony striped.


Thursday, February 19, 2009


here i am sitting in the trusty little library. i just helped my friend pull a prank on our friend. i helped get into one of our instrument lockers and closed it up and then we waited patiently until they came and opened the locker and jumped ha. good times! so i have been keeping up with reading the bible! yay me. im super excited because i feel like im getting on the right track. last nights service was super wonderful for me! i loved it. im craving cotton candy. i hate when lights are on during the day when you can just open a window for REAL light! its beautiful out today. O i got a 77 on a quiz i thought i was going to fail for sure! BUTI DIDNT! yay. ok im done. but before i leave i would like to leave this with you, a little tune:

In springtime, the only pretty ring time
Birds sing, hey ding
A-ding, a-ding
Sweet lovers love the spring--

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


1. thats a joke
2. oye vay
3. i'm really funny
4. peace
5. blah blah blah

Monday, February 16, 2009


GUESS WHAT! i am officially done my college crap including fafsa! im gonna go the extra mile though and apply for some scholarships.

soo here it goes.......


my monday moan is that this world is too expensive. i was just checking my email and realizing how much all this stuff costs. i just want to have fun...(like the song says) but my sad empty wallet is think otherwise. so i better get out some crayons and print out coloring sheets cus that is the most expensive fun i will be having!


Friday, February 13, 2009

hello my dear friends. i first want to say that i look up to brittany and want to be like her. so im starting by getting disgustingly sick!! but woah dont get me wrong im not home. DONT WORRY IM AT MY SCHOOL LIBRARY! its a blast coughing up phlem at school. i love it. so im super excited for the weekend. i get to rush and finish my towson application by sunday. i got v-day with the dance thing. and then coffee with jordan on sunday to catch up. yea really its not that great. but somewhere in there i plan to chill. so i have had this strange craving for vanillacake with chocolate frosting! MMM! OOOOOOO best news ever. my bro daniel as most of you know is in iraq and as most of you dont know will be home in about ten short days. although those 10 days will be longgggggggggggg and grueling. is grueling a word? if not i just created it. well thats all i have to say. i have to go catch my teacher before he leaves to give me a recomendation!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My Top 5 Movies:
1. The Sandlot
2. Willy Wonka (original)
3. You've Got Mail
4. Breakfast at Tiffany's
5. The Little Mermaid


"You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person."

thanks cory e.

Monday, February 9, 2009

you call it winterfest. i call it im sick now.

So i guess by now you can guess where i am writing from...THE SCHOOL LIBRARY! how exciting! so today has been going horribly wrong. but surprisingly upbeat! (how to lose a guy in 10 days). but i walk into school and have to do an audition without knowing then i failed a test then i had an assignment due that i didnt know about. so there it is a crappy day but after this weekend i have learned to find the good in the day cus im with god. WINTERFEST 2009! yes sir it was amazing. i had a great time but like everyone else i have a cold now. but besides that im refreshed and have a new in with god. he showed me some more of him and i got angry because i am unbelievably scared of the next step. im a chicken. theres this boy and he keeps coming behind my shoulder trying to read. GRR. my hair is super staticky and i cant pay attention cus im sick.

thanks again for joining me on this short ride through my mind!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

dirty rotten scoundrel.

the library is really hot today. but to tell you the truth i feel rather splendid. even though my back is sore. so i have a secret. i always have dreamt of being a con artist. yes its true when i was little that was what i wanted to be. it was so classy to me. i know its strange. but its pretty cool seriously have you ever seen the movie catch me if you can? its great. i know its a sin and that is the only reason i am not pursuing my dream. but i would love to go all over the place making people think things and get money or whatever i wanted. its a deceitful and ugly life i understand. but i cant shake it out of my head. DO NOT JUGDE ME!

thank you for staying with me on this short ride through my mind............COME AGAIN

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

so here i am again sitting in my school library. today has not been a very good day for me. you know those down days you get that just kinda suck. well thats where i am at. tonight is church and i am pretty excited i miss yall alot. i guess thats because of the crappy week i have been having. but besides my complaining i have something beautiful on my mind. GREECE! i dont know why but all day i have been thinking about greece. so instead of listening to my teacher blabber about george washington discovering america or christopher columbus being the first president i was thinking about greece. its probaly warm..definately beautiful. but im stuck in baltimore staring at the pollution float through the sky.

i hope you enjoyed this boring trip through my mind. please come again.

Friday, January 16, 2009

so here goes nothing.

so im sitting in my library at school and i feel completely calm. everyone is just working and talking about things like grapefruit juice. its so cold outside i barely feel like myself out there. the cold eats my personality and i turn into a zombie. why do people put patches on their jackets like they are in the military when they arent? i dont understand it kinda seems disrespectful to me. the boy next to me is listening to some very loud rap so i guess its not as peaceful in here as i hoped. well i hoped you enjoyed your first small trip into my mind.