Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TOP 5.....

So here we go.....

5. eating junk food
4. pictures
3. just cuddling with my blanket and pillow
2. singing fun/ridiculous music
1. trying to do fun crazy stunts in a small space

5. junk food/drinks
4. blanket/pillow
3. ipod
2. a good book

Monday, March 30, 2009

i like to pat myself on the back some times...

ok soo im good. i have guts. im having a good hair day. new friend is fantastic! old friend is even more fantastic. qdoba tonight! only 3 days!!!! i am super comfy in my own skin today. i got an 80 on a quiz! my teachers are being understanding. no wind ensemble today! i am happy mmhmm!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

they were counting out the ways to stab a brother in the B RIGHT BACK AFTER THIS.

Friday, March 27, 2009

hello! i have been slacking with these blogs. but today is pretty nice out and i am in a very good mood! i finally did my chemistry project and presented today. i had macaroni and cheese for lunch. ooo tomorrow is sushi! im exciting. i saw Knowing last night i had no idea it was a sci-fi. apparently it was obvious but i didnt know. i liked it but it was very interesting. i cant wrap my head around the fact that today is friday. Lee day THURSDAY!!!! i cant wait super duper excited. i love new friends. the library is like almost empty but still pretty loud. i think im gonna watch twilight tonight! i have seen already a billion times. well thats all for now.


Friday, March 20, 2009

downhill friday...please help.

so today was going great...and then i went to work on my chemistry project on the computer to find that it was missing. yes gone completely gone! i freaked and ran to my teacher who ran back to the comp lab with me to find yes it really was gone. so now i have to restart the whole thing. im gonna start from scratch with a new topic and all. he gave me another week to do the project so thats better i guess. oye vay. well the project can be on anything involving chemistry. i was doing the effects of caffeine on pregnancy. but now i dont know what i want to do....any ideas. be as creative as possible..THANKS.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

grilled cheese & lepricons

im just a bill yea im only a bill and im sitting here on capitol hill! i am in a very fine mood today. i have a us history quiz tomorrow. i have this stupid crush.....still. hes jewish. oops. i had a free brownie yesterdy from howards cafe! i should go practice bassoon right now....but i dont wanna....so i wont! lee dy is coming up and im super duper excited. i like jazz and i hate peanut butter. i really want to ireland. these attractive irish boys were at my school yesterday. but they were fun to talk to. im eating grilled cheese tonight and watching lepricons with ashley! ok im going to go do my chem project!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i ate bacon bits today....i felt like a dog. this space bar is broken so i have to jam it down to make a space. i really dont have much to say. i have to go though. so this was short. real short

thanks for reading this useless crap!

and bekah i really enjoyed reading your love blog

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i guess this is just life...

so im back to my lovely blog. and surprisingly i am sitting on my couch with my brothers lap top. im staring out window at the rain. this is my best time to think. im ready to leave for college...i guess that is because i feel my life i slowly falling apart. im happy though cus my brother is home and we really are close. so i guess i feel this way because i am way too dependent on other people. all mybrothers things are dusty from iraq. i love that. its so real. i miss brittany. i saw you this morning but i still miss you i feel far away. i needto figure a way to get out of my slump. im going to go color a picture. it will make me happy. o i made really good rice krispy treats. they were delish! well thats enough for now.

welcome back to my mind. i hope yall didnt miss it too much.