Friday, March 26, 2010


Today has been very stressful and it is not even done yet. I was running everywhere this morning for errands for my boss and we were extremely busy at work dealing with frantic graduating seniors. No time to eat. No time to breathe.

Well class time. I promise next visit will be longer. No time now though. I'M LATE I'M LATE I'M LATE!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

sunshine, sour patch kids & an obnoxious room mate

Today and yesterday were beautiful. I got a chance to lay out and do some extreme studying. I am pumped for the next history exam!

I am extremely tired. That should have been in the college pamphlet. No matter what you do you are always tired. ALWAYS! I could have an amazing night of sleep and still be tired later in the day. FRUSTRATING!

I had some wonderful sour patch kids today. They were by far the best ones I have ever had. Im salivating just thinking about them.

My room mate is being very obnoxious. She has the music up very loudly and I asked her to turn it down...she did. Then secretly she turns it back up again. ANNOYING!

There is rice calling my name. But it is 11 o' clock and that is a little too late for a snack full of carbs. Darn.

Well it's bed time. Thanks for visiting my mind. Come back soon.

This commercial.

This commercial cracks me up every time. The sarcasm is spectacular.

Monday, March 22, 2010

laundry, japan & paychecks

I got my paycheck today in the mail! And luckily get another one next week! Mommas bringing home the bacon!

So I have already realized in the past that I have horrible luck with simple tasks. This including buttoning buttons, zipping zippers, and buckling belts. Where did this struggle come from? I have no idea? But it was very apparent today when I spent over 2 minutes fumbling with my 3-hole jacket. Yes it took me over 2 minutes to button 3 buttons. It was chaos.

My English teacher is a complete is a complete Japanese culture junkie. Right now he is having us watch this geek turns chic and gets the girl movie. Very cheesy, corny, and completely a guilty pleasure. Each one of us students hates to say it but we love this movie.

I finish ALL of my laundry yesterday! ALL OF IT! Clean clothes are the best. Clean underwear even better!


Today was the first day of classes after spring break. It went surprisingly smooth and well.

But I am going to go do the unthinkable and dive into my history textbook. The 48 I got on the last exam is very painful. Now to try to save my poor helpless GPA.

Come back soon.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pancakes, Netherlands & Cheeseburgers

Yesterday was such an amazing day. I had so much fun painting in the park. it was so peaceful and happy. I found out I am not the only one that came back early from break. A friend and I made delicious pancakes last night filled with fresh strawberries, blueberries, ad chocolate chips! I love chocolate. They were delicious.

When I came back to my dorm there was this very cute red-headed girl sitting in the lounge. I decided to join her and found out she was from the Netherlands and we had a great conversation and watched The Devil Wears Prada. It was a blast.

This morning my roommate surprisingly showed up at 8 am in the morning and woke me up. We stayed up and chatted and then went to one of my favorite resturants in town. It is this very cheap and cute little cafe called The Spot. The food was delicious and we got free frostys!

My room is so messy, but laundry is a pain in the butt when you have to pay a buck to wash and a buck to dry.

I can't french braid and this fact frustrates me.

Money is scary. Being an adult and having to worry about money is super stressful. I hate having to watch what I spend so that I don't go over the amount in my account, it scares the crap out of me.

I love splatter paints. A friend and I did these wonderful splatter paintings on big canvas and I have it in my dorm room. It is so bright and fun. Who said coloring outside the lines is a bad thing. To me it's exciting and daring!

--note to self I need a baseball cap.

Well It has been fun but I'm gonna have to kick you out now. Come back to my mind soon!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweet Sounds of Buble.

Michael Buble has stolen my heart. His song Haven't Met You Yet is the story of my life, and every time I listen I can't help but smile. Thanks goes out to my dear friend who introduced him to me. We listen and smile together, it's the best.

It took me forever to get my stubborn contacts in this morning.

Florida was a blast. I tend to get easily annoyed at the end of trips, and so that is what happened. I was ready to leave when we left. But the Florida sun was bright and warm (most of the time). And my friend's aunt stuffed us full with blueberry pancakes, grilled steak and pineapples, berry smoothies, and omelets. Vacation = an extra 3 lbs. and a happy belly.

Arby's for lunch our idea of "healthy"!

So today is gorgeous weather. I can't wait to go outside and soak up more sun. I am going to get a nice blanket lay out in the park and paint with my watercolors. (I may or not have "borrowed" them from the art room.)

Since we left Florida early the dorm is quiet and peaceful. It's actually very nice. I didn't have to bury my head under the pillow last night to shield the light that my roommates refuse to turn off or have to monitor the sound of my music.

Well it's off to lunch with a friend and the park time.
Thanks for the visit through my mind. Be sure to visit again soon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feet, Florida and Buttholes.

For the first time ever a friend and I decided to try throwing on the potters wheel with my feet. If you know me you know I have learned to love the potters wheel this year. Well throwing with your feet is a whole new experience and let me tell you I am pretty darn proud of my "candy dish" I got out of it. I was so happy and had a blast.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring Break. Two of my girls and I have decided that we must have an awesome time therefore we must go to Florida. A whole week in Florida I cannot wait! Tennessee just has plain psycho weather always so bipolar. But I am excited for a change in scenery!

College work has been killing me lately. 3 exams right in a row. REALLY? Did the teachers just have a meeting to plan on how to ruin my week? Well there ya go that's how ya do it. I have been so swamped. But on the bright side my ceramics have been turning out so good!

Butthole...being the boy that stopped talking to me for no reason. Someone explain males to me cus if women are confusing guys are way more complex. They are simply complex. I mean hey if he wanted to end things that's great be a big boy and confront me, I'm an understanding person. But nope lets take the childish route and play the quiet game. Fine with me don't expect me to be ready to jump back with you when you are ready to grow up.

NEW BAND!!! Well new to me. This couple is amazing and I found myself at a concert of theirs on accident. I surprisingly fell in love with the two they were so sweet and real. Jenny & Tyler. Please check them out!!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have been.

So I am super unprepared for a test and I am barely even packed for Florida. It's 1 A.M. I better get to work.

Thanks for visiting my mind, it's been a great trip. Come back soon.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

wet snow & watercolors

today it snowed. i am just ready for a tennessee spring. but all i can do is savor the little teases we get, of 50-60 degree days, randomly. the snow was slushy ans wet and my rain boots put up a good fight and won. i was dry all day.

last night i went to art club for the first time. i loved it. we did watercolor paintings. let me tell you there is nothing like the freedom of a paintbrush and paint with a white clean slate. anything is possible. all your emotions and thoughts just smoothly make their ways on the page and turn into something words could never do justice. last night inspired me to buy a little watercolor pad and paints to keep in my room to do whenever i need to let it all out.

tomorrow we need to pick our new roomates. its a dreadful time.

i am going to do a wal-mart run with my roomate to pick up some necessities.
so thank you for visiting my mind. come back soon.

Monday, March 1, 2010

sunburn & mario

last night i got back from a rugby weekend. we had two games in one weekend and i am proud to say we are undefeated. i am sunburnt on my face which i didnt realize till last night.

we have an N64 in our dorm room where none of us get anything done. it is fantastic to play mario with your roomates. we all drop everything and just have fun.

i miss real food. the food you eat in college is everything but.

i am sipping on some earl grey tea. delicious. alot lighter than my usual black coffee.

postsecret. i have talked about this before but let me tell you guys i love it.
follow their blog, see that others have secrets too, make a postcard of your own and sent it in. ITS GREAT!

i have the hiccups at this very moment. they are great. plus the fact that i have very goofy hiccups, they make me smile and in quiet places very uncomfortable.

now i have to read a very long german story by Tolstoy for english. it has to be done by 2 and i am the slowest reader of all time.

OH MY! the tallest man ever just walked into my work. and as i was talking to stilts i couldn't help but be nervous he was looking down my shirt which i am not even showing any cleavage so no worries there...still nervous. i was sitting down and i had to totally tilt my head all the way up to look at him i thought standing would be better. oh wait i am only 5'4" not any better. sit back down. what a good time. gotta love those basketball players.

thanks for visiting my mind come back soon.