Monday, October 12, 2009

no class & sprite

today i woke up ate my apple took my vitamin got ready for the day (i looked amazingly cute) went took my exam (feel pretty good about it) and then ran to my dorm bathroom to barf the whole apple. yea i guess the apple was not the kind of food the vitamin needed. it stinks. i missed a class i needed to go to and then got my self prepared for my class after that one. i walked to class it was canceled. i napped until 11 because i have work. i walked in hoping there was sprite in the mini fridge to settle my stomach. there was one left. moral of this story put out an effort and god will reward you with class cancelations and sprite.

sweet and short. gotta love my mind.


  1. Oh...I wish work would get cancelled.

  2. So I just read all of your earlier post.. and I LOVE how random your posts are..
    I miss you so much Summerly.
    I love you!
    I can't wait to see you when you visit us.
    :) looking forward to more posts.. love yah girlie.

  3. Ha ha... aww. Poor Summerly. Why do vitamins make you barf if you don't eat eough or the right food? It's SO ridiculous!! Does no one else think it's the dumbest thing ever? They're supposed to help you, BUT only if you can keep it down. Bleh!!