Friday, October 9, 2009

whiplash and midnight jumping

this week has been one heck of a rollercoaster. highpoint....cliff jumping at midnight with some girls. lowpoint.....whiplash from car accident. BUT IM ALIVE. so thats nice! the weather is bi-polar. and one of the ladies at my work is speaking french to her boyfriend. although i shall inform you he is i guess that fine. very uncomfortable. 1 hour and ten minutes to go. i'm reading twilight once again. gotta love it. i lost 40 dollars! i cant believe it I freaked. this is the longest french phone conversation i have ever heard. still uncomfortable. i have now learned how to answer the phone and transfer a phone call succesfully! (i have only done it once.) ok so theres this fire alarm right across from the front desk and i cant help but want to pull it. its bright red with a little flashing light! but i will fight the urge. im going to be a leparchuan for halloween! i cant wait to exciting. fall break is next week, and since i cant come home i have decided to go to knoxville with some friends. they have a cabin somewhere there so thats what i will be doing. now she is giggling....giggling and speaking french. does it count as eavesdropping if i dont understand it?

well theres a guy outside checking his reflection out and about to walk in. so as i deal with him please exit my mind, don't leave any belongings behind.


  1. *sigh* it's like a deep itch I can't reach till you blog. Thanks for helping!
    #1 cliff jumping = scary
    #2 whiplash = not cool
    #3 you are alive = very cool
    #4 $40 gone = sips
    #5 transfering phone calls = not as easy as it looks
    #6 fire alarm = I wanna pull it too and I am not even there
    #7 Leprechaun =
    #8 knoxville = a little closer to home, but still not here! :(
    #9 eavesdropping = doesn't count if you don't understand.

    I miss you honeybuns.
    Blog more.
    Me :)

  2. ... unless those belongings include $40 dollars to make up for what you lost, right?! ;-)

    And BTW - when I worked in the counselling office, there were little red buttons under the desks for emergencies, etc. I wanted to push it SOOOO bad!! One day, one of the psychologists pushed it because he "just wanted to see what happens". Ha ha ha - I feel your pain!