Wednesday, October 28, 2009

post secret Pictures, Images and Photos

we all have secrets.......weird huh? like we all have something we are hiding. how can you really know one person if they have those deep secrets. those deep secrets could totally reshape them, and we have no idea who the real them is. people live double lives all the time, and we are none the wiser.

so all day at work i have been reading this new blog i found.... and thats all i have been thinking about.

tehy are fantastic what a wonderful way to get out a secret. i think its funny, witty, and amazing. i mean no they arent secrets to be proud of....but i love it, i hope yall do too.

i nhad so much to say today i lost it all. it will come back to me. but go visit the blog and tell me what you think.

hope you enjoyed this visit to my mind come back soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

rain & coke.

so i thought i was very witty up there....rain and coke....rum and coke. HAHAHA! too funny. i had a good laugh. ok so as i am sitting at the front desk im sipping on a coke. it has been on and off down pour for the past couple hours. but thats ok because i now have my rainboots on. so i am giving relationship to someone who is a little hopeless. NO OFFENSE TO HER. but im scared to plant a hope in her mind and have her get let down. so i am being unbelievably gentle. theres that fire alarm again just blinking begging me to pull it UGHH! why does wrong have to feel so right. tonight is the HODOWN! however the stupid rain might ruin that. ok so i was on facebook and theres an ad for a shirt that says bacon makes everything better. no it doesnt. chocolate does stop filling my mind with lies. i am so tired. well now i have some busy work i can get done. so thats what im gonna do.

thanks for this visit it was delightful.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

meteor showers & gentlemen

so i stayed up until 2:30 watching the meteor shower. it was so fun. i loved it! it was cold though so me and my roomate spooned for warmth. overall a great time. im having a good hair day. the math test today was EXTREME. like extremely hard. i guess cus i was too busy to study due to falling stars. MY BAD. so this morning im on the phone talking to momma walking to my 8 am class. and this guys is way behind me. as i am about to reach for the door. i look to my right and the guy is right there. i jumped a lil got a lil freaked. and then realized he came up quickly so he could open the door for me. HOW NICE! like small things like that just make your whole day. so thank you mysery boy who is in my bible class that opened the door for me. WILL YOU MARRY ME? ok maybe not. soooo today has been rather busy .but im out of stuff to blabber about.

thank you for visiting my mind, it has been enjoyable

RIP Walter Brooks.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


so being home was amazing. im so glad i had that chance. now im back in tenn and busy. but im porcrastinating. i have a math test tomorrow. my frien asa from BSA is on the radio at his collee ad im listenig tohi. i love it! so im bitter about things. im only human cant help it. my facebook is in pirate laguage! thanksgiving in like 4 weeks! then winter break in 2 wees after that! AHHH! cant wait. i have alot to do tonight. theres a meteor shower tonight at 4!

Monday, October 12, 2009

no class & sprite

today i woke up ate my apple took my vitamin got ready for the day (i looked amazingly cute) went took my exam (feel pretty good about it) and then ran to my dorm bathroom to barf the whole apple. yea i guess the apple was not the kind of food the vitamin needed. it stinks. i missed a class i needed to go to and then got my self prepared for my class after that one. i walked to class it was canceled. i napped until 11 because i have work. i walked in hoping there was sprite in the mini fridge to settle my stomach. there was one left. moral of this story put out an effort and god will reward you with class cancelations and sprite.

sweet and short. gotta love my mind.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

scary movies, leperchauns and genius lyrics

im sitting here in the dorm lobby watching amityville horror. its legit scaryyyyyyy. i just finished drinking a delicious strawberry smoothie. its 2 am. pimples are buttholes. woah this movie! SO! me im making a cd (not really), but its called Parodity Hilarity; Dry University. i have been randomly coming up with wonderful songs for the cdd some being about the rules of lee and how tonight is the best night ever. its pretty great. this movie makes me feel crazy. im going to be a leperchaun for halloween! crap i forgot to take my vitamin today. have you ever realized in every scary movie there is a mirror shot....ALWAYS! i have some srious studying to do. new testament exam monday. fall break starts thursday i have decided to go to knoxville with my roomates and some other friends. taylors family has a cabin we are staying in so it should be nice. i have bad luck at good will. darn sharpe family who always gets amazing things. i miss having candles....OOH GOOD IDEA FOR MY NEXT SONG!!! i miss my dog. this movie gets worse and worse! oye vay. has anybody realized how scary imaginary friends are. how weird. well i am gonna torture myself with the rest of this movie. OH YEA! im spending thanksgiving with the halls!!!!! HOW EXCITING! im soo glad! thats all.


Friday, October 9, 2009

whiplash and midnight jumping

this week has been one heck of a rollercoaster. highpoint....cliff jumping at midnight with some girls. lowpoint.....whiplash from car accident. BUT IM ALIVE. so thats nice! the weather is bi-polar. and one of the ladies at my work is speaking french to her boyfriend. although i shall inform you he is i guess that fine. very uncomfortable. 1 hour and ten minutes to go. i'm reading twilight once again. gotta love it. i lost 40 dollars! i cant believe it I freaked. this is the longest french phone conversation i have ever heard. still uncomfortable. i have now learned how to answer the phone and transfer a phone call succesfully! (i have only done it once.) ok so theres this fire alarm right across from the front desk and i cant help but want to pull it. its bright red with a little flashing light! but i will fight the urge. im going to be a leparchuan for halloween! i cant wait to exciting. fall break is next week, and since i cant come home i have decided to go to knoxville with some friends. they have a cabin somewhere there so thats what i will be doing. now she is giggling....giggling and speaking french. does it count as eavesdropping if i dont understand it?

well theres a guy outside checking his reflection out and about to walk in. so as i deal with him please exit my mind, don't leave any belongings behind.