Tuesday, April 21, 2009

if walls could talk..i would listen.

seriously i was just thinking...besides god walls know everything! seriously i wish i could here what a wall has to say. they know secrets from years and years back. the library is ridiculously crowded. not so happy about that. guys i am being really mature...and i hate it. theres this guy and he really likes me and yes i feel the same but nothing can happen because of college. i have seriously been keeping with that. ITS SO HARD. i hate being mature. immaturity is beauty! i would really love to hear what the walls in prince charmings castle had to say. i bet they knew the best gossip. even though gossip is a sin, i still enjoy it. BUT I REALLY DONT TRY TO SIN. listen here..as im growing up im realizing ow hard it is not to sin. i mean seriously sinning is seemingly wonderful stuff...i guess thats what makes it a sin. why is it harder to not sin when you are an adult. i bet any wall can answer that question. if walls spoke do you think they would have different accents depending on where they are built. and they would know different knowledge too. WONDERFUL! what a great thought to get lost in. i have been having very strange dreams. i had chipotle for lunch...i love leftover chipotle! ITS ALWAYS BEST THE SECOND DAY! yumm. i have been a lil curious because someone is supposed to talk to me about something and and some people like to keep those kinds of things to themselves...GRR.

well thats all i have to say...not really but this will do.



  1. ...you didn't thank me for visiting your mind today...but I am happy to be here anyways!

    Uhm...you see about the sin part...when you are young...you just sin because it's easier than trying not to. As an adult you have realized the error of sin and you have to try to not sin...which makes it harder. haha! Whatev.

  2. I LOVE that you think that different walls would have accents, depending on where they were built. But hat if their accent came more from within - like where the tree grew that was taken down and chopped into the 2x4's that made up the frame of the wall? Ooh... something to think about for SURE! ;-)