Saturday, October 10, 2009

scary movies, leperchauns and genius lyrics

im sitting here in the dorm lobby watching amityville horror. its legit scaryyyyyyy. i just finished drinking a delicious strawberry smoothie. its 2 am. pimples are buttholes. woah this movie! SO! me im making a cd (not really), but its called Parodity Hilarity; Dry University. i have been randomly coming up with wonderful songs for the cdd some being about the rules of lee and how tonight is the best night ever. its pretty great. this movie makes me feel crazy. im going to be a leperchaun for halloween! crap i forgot to take my vitamin today. have you ever realized in every scary movie there is a mirror shot....ALWAYS! i have some srious studying to do. new testament exam monday. fall break starts thursday i have decided to go to knoxville with my roomates and some other friends. taylors family has a cabin we are staying in so it should be nice. i have bad luck at good will. darn sharpe family who always gets amazing things. i miss having candles....OOH GOOD IDEA FOR MY NEXT SONG!!! i miss my dog. this movie gets worse and worse! oye vay. has anybody realized how scary imaginary friends are. how weird. well i am gonna torture myself with the rest of this movie. OH YEA! im spending thanksgiving with the halls!!!!! HOW EXCITING! im soo glad! thats all.



  1. Love the CD title!! soudns liek somethign i would by and spew coke all over shile I listened to it. ;-)

    And PS: We don't ALways have luck there... we jsut go so often that we're bound to find something every once in a while, right?!