Thursday, April 16, 2009


i tried on my cap and gown today and wanted to cry. for some reason i am super paranoid right now. dont worry i didnt do drugs. i am so over with this year and i want to start fresh. i am tired and cant think straight. i keep looking for someone i know isnt in here. (the school library). i have this friend i screwed things up with and now they cant be mended. I HAVE TRIED but it just doesnt work. it makes me sad cus me and him were so close and it is just so sucky. i need to go shopping. paintball was a blast i really would love to go again. i have a test to take so wish me luck!

I LOVE YALL ALOT...COME BACK. only come back if i post again dont come back to reread all my posts cus that is a lil creepy. so dont be a creeper.


  1. but what if I wanna be YOUR creeper??

  2. Oh and un-mended relationships can suck...wish I had more to say than that. Whatever will be will be...what needs to work out, will. I think that's the best I have for now...not knowing the situation. I am thinkin' of you...