Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chocolate on Chocolate.

Brownies. That's the one word anyone has to say to make a girls heart leap out of her chest. Last night I made brownies with extra added chocolate syrup with a good friend. Lets just say the batter was half gone before it reached the pan.

I have decided that I want to live like the barried life. It is this wonderful show on mtv. These four guys go around the US doing all the things they want to do before they die. That is spectacular to me. What a great idea.

I went to bed early last night, and woke up early this morning. The breakfast.

You know what one of my favorite views is? The view out my work window. If you look up there are these trees. I love trees that have no leaves on them. You can see the branches intertwine and twist. And then there is that bright blue sky behind it. It's beautiful.

I think I want sushi for dinner.

I am not sure if I talked about this yesterday, and if I did I am sorry to bring it up again. But my dorm room smells like crap. Not actual crap. The evil smells will not go away. First it was my roomates fridge where she lets all the fruit she ever buys die. And then there is me and my rugby stuff. (If you have any idea to get rid of that smell that would be great!) And now a pipe bursted from our sink and has soaked the rug creating yet another great smell. Good thing I have been sick and not been able to smell it.

Well that is all for today. Thank you for visiting my mind. You are now free to move around the cabin and safely exit.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I get knocked down...But I get up again.

Tennessee weather does not seize to amaze me. One day will be pouring down rain the next sunshine out the wazoo! It has been a nice treat to be able to walk outside without a jacket on. I love it! Now let me tell you about my new hobby. RUGBY. I know shocking. It's a mean tough sport, and if your a girl who plays rugby you are most likely a lesbian. Well that last part is false. I play on a christian rugby team and all of us are straight! It is a blast. What other sport can you tackle and stiff arm people without getting called out for it. So there is a new guy in my life. Yes. His name is Logan and he is a cutie. He is all the way in MD and I am in TN but hey lets try the long distance thing. Right now I dont quite understand why people do this to themselves. But we will see how it turns out. Today I had chik-fil-a for lunch but I really wanted a turkey sandwhich. My room mate promised to get me sushi last night but then made an excuse why she didn't. Being in college I thought life would get easier, well I fooled myself. But let me tell ya it had been an adventure.

Thanks for visiting my mind today, I look forward to having you visit again.


Friday, February 12, 2010


Being in Tenn. you would think that I would be affected by the crazy snow fall up North. But I am. I can't get home, this whole week has been insane and I am going crazy. Weather is cold here, and I have been having constant headaches. On the bright side I am on the dorm wars team for my dorm! Dorm Wars is a fight to death! All the dorms on campus compete and I am so excited! MMM I just had chocolate covered cherries, my FAVORITE! So we have a Nintendo 64 in my dorm, problem is one of the wires doesnt work. So me and my RA are gonna go on a hunt to find one! This is all I have right now. But I will be back. Thanks for visiting my mind.