Monday, April 20, 2009

tendonitis and sweet talkers.

i would just like to say how much i like boys. i really just enjoy them. i have a certain friend and he just takes care of me like no other friend i have. and then there is another guy who feels the need to talk to me everyday...i feel the same. its just nice. i know some guys are little turds but i have really been finding the good ones. i mean present not past(for those of you who are thinking other wise.) my tendonitis is acting so bad im miserable. im gonna go home rub bengay all over my arm and watch some tv! sounds wonderful! OOOO PROM DRESS TONIGHT FOR SURE~

ok well im out schools over. library is empty.



  1. Aww! YES! I love boys as well. They're pretty much amazing, and I love how God made them different from girls.

    Ohh, prom dress? Must get pictures and show me some time!

    I didn't know you had tendinitis? That sucks :/ How long have you had it?

  2. you gotta send pics of ur dress. Fun fun FUN!!