Monday, February 9, 2009

you call it winterfest. i call it im sick now.

So i guess by now you can guess where i am writing from...THE SCHOOL LIBRARY! how exciting! so today has been going horribly wrong. but surprisingly upbeat! (how to lose a guy in 10 days). but i walk into school and have to do an audition without knowing then i failed a test then i had an assignment due that i didnt know about. so there it is a crappy day but after this weekend i have learned to find the good in the day cus im with god. WINTERFEST 2009! yes sir it was amazing. i had a great time but like everyone else i have a cold now. but besides that im refreshed and have a new in with god. he showed me some more of him and i got angry because i am unbelievably scared of the next step. im a chicken. theres this boy and he keeps coming behind my shoulder trying to read. GRR. my hair is super staticky and i cant pay attention cus im sick.

thanks again for joining me on this short ride through my mind!


  1. My not be afraid* (said in my best booming God voice...) heehee!
    I had a GREAT time with you this weekend!!! And I sure do hope that your day gets better. Isn't it crazy how the Dev tries to bring us down after such a high?!?! Stupid devil.

  2. :) giiirrlll!! i feeel not so precious either! but this weekend was rather amazing.

  3. Ooh. Know what would be funny? The next time he comes to read over your shoulder, slide your chair out like you're gonna stand up adn didn't know he was there. Ha ha ha... good times!!

  4. As long as you are open and willing God will always reveal bits and pieces of HIM. I love you.