Thursday, March 19, 2009

grilled cheese & lepricons

im just a bill yea im only a bill and im sitting here on capitol hill! i am in a very fine mood today. i have a us history quiz tomorrow. i have this stupid crush.....still. hes jewish. oops. i had a free brownie yesterdy from howards cafe! i should go practice bassoon right now....but i dont i wont! lee dy is coming up and im super duper excited. i like jazz and i hate peanut butter. i really want to ireland. these attractive irish boys were at my school yesterday. but they were fun to talk to. im eating grilled cheese tonight and watching lepricons with ashley! ok im going to go do my chem project!



  1. Notes on your post:
    Jewish boys are usually good to their moms...that's a good thing. History is boring, but it has created our present. Free Brownie = AWESOME. You hate peanut butter...I am not sure I can talk to you anymore. I'll push through though. Ireland...ME TOO...and that ACCENT. I LOVE grilled cheese...ever since I saw Cory eating one last night I have wanted one! Lepricauns are frightening. PEACE OUT.

  2. I am glad to see that I am not the only one out there that does not LOVE peanut butter. (Just between me and you... I don't get the obsession of it) But whatev!