Thursday, February 5, 2009

dirty rotten scoundrel.

the library is really hot today. but to tell you the truth i feel rather splendid. even though my back is sore. so i have a secret. i always have dreamt of being a con artist. yes its true when i was little that was what i wanted to be. it was so classy to me. i know its strange. but its pretty cool seriously have you ever seen the movie catch me if you can? its great. i know its a sin and that is the only reason i am not pursuing my dream. but i would love to go all over the place making people think things and get money or whatever i wanted. its a deceitful and ugly life i understand. but i cant shake it out of my head. DO NOT JUGDE ME!

thank you for staying with me on this short ride through my mind............COME AGAIN


  1. No judging...I hear would be especially nice to get really rich from doing it and never get caught. But alas...still a sin. Boo.

  2. oh my gosh. being a con artist would be amazing though. like. i have always thought about a life of crime. like. how adventurous.!