Wednesday, May 6, 2009

quit playing games with my heart...SIKE

i am very confused. why am i the one who is always playing the not even playing games im just being myself. so i had my senior recital monday...2...COUNT EM 2...cellphones went on during my performance. it was horrible somehow i magically kept my composure finished my piece smiled and walked off stage, following by a bunch of wirty dords that came out of my mouth. so i guess i am back on phase one with the cussing thing but i was so angry. dont you love excuses. well at least i finished with the bang...or a rrring i should say. i think i am getting a sore on my hurts. i am so hungry i could eat a grizzly bear or a mountain lion. yes that was a twilight reference. i want chipotle yummmmm! so i went on the girls beach weekend with a bunch of chicks from church. it was wonderful and i think everyone can agree that we all felt really good about ourselves after that. so im gonna go find something to eat...or someone to punch in the face. my last day of schoolis the 18th so that gives me 8 more days of my highschool career left! oye vay ist mir.

ok well im out. thanks for visiting my mind please come back soon!


  1. Wow, so other than the rude cell phones, how'd it go?

    and oh my WORD! 8 school days left? That's IT?! Man, I feel old...

    PS: I still haven't seen Twilight...

  2. ...Uhm...this is my obligation to chastise you for the wirty dords...summerly joy...I am very dissapointed with you!

    with that out of the way.

    I am so excited for you! 8 days left!!! gosh I remember that feeling...outstanding!!

    It's going to be aweSUM!