Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Christians Ramble

I am going to Barnes & Nobles today. I am so excited because to me a bookstores is a place filled with possibilities that are waiting for you to find them. I get so excited looking at everything. I take my time, order a coffee, and then gather as many books that I can hold. I then sit and try to learn something new, or figure out the secret of life. It may seem silly but there is something magical about a bookstore. I watched The Book of Eli last night. If you haven't seen it I urge you too. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me think though. In the movie the people of the near future can't read and some have not even seen a book. "The book" was the priceless treasure that held the key to everything. I think that we don't take this book as seriously as we should. Because what if there was only one Bible left. I would be able to quote a few scriptures, but then what? There are so many Bibles laying around we just take advantage of it. I mean I would love to know the Bible from front to back, but then that scares me. Knowing the whole Bible means knowing all right and wrong.

-Now if you are reading this and you do not have the same religious views I am not trying to debate anything I am just stating my own concerns.

Knowing that right and wrong puts a lot on me to follow all of that. I would try as best as I can, but then God knows I would not be able to follow word by word. Back to the point this movie gave me incentive to treasure my Bible. You may think well you are a christian shouldn't you treasure your Bible anyway, or what a hypocrite. Well it is just a struggle. I do not read my Bible everyday like I should. Honestly it is hard for me to concentrate when I read the Bible. It is not easy, and I know I am not the only one out there. However, I do use what I know of the Bible everyday in my life to keep myself on track. I guess that is the gist of it. This movie really made me think, and I need to take my christian life more seriously, and follow what I know. Barnes & Noble is waiting.

Thanks for listening dear friends. We will chat again soon.

Friday, July 23, 2010

20 before 20.

I got this idea from my friend over at 2Slicks Good Times. She did a 30 before 30, and I figured why not take a year and do a 20 before 20! So I only have one year to get all this done. I will update you guys when I cross something off my list!

1. Sell a piece of my pottery
2. Finish learning to knit
3. Bake a loaf of bread
4. Get all A's one semester (at least)
5. Go on a road trip to nowhere
6. Karaoke
7. Attempt to be a vegetarian
8. Score a rugby try (goal)
9. Leave the country
10. Grow and keep a plant
11. Run a 5k
12. Learn how to french braid
13. Catch a fish, and eat it
14. Learn a new language
15. Climb on the library roof at my school
16. Drink eggnog
17. Learn more about my parents past (separate and together)
18. Listen to jazz music
19. Become a regular at The Spot (diner downtown at school)
20. Start doing yoga

So here goes nothing!

eating grapes.

So I went to the dentist yesterday. I a.have a cavity, but it is ok because my dentist is a very attractive 30 yr. old.

I am eating green grapes at this very moment. However, I am sure when you are reading this I will no longer be eating grapes.

I think I am going to call sick out of work today. It isn't really work though just my intership. I feel pretty cruddy. I have a sore throat and an awful headache, and the work I have to do is outside. I don't know if you have stepped foot out the door yet but it is about 120 degrees out. While I am inside bundled up in a hoodie.

I go on vacation with my mom next Tuesday. I am so ready for some good times! I am planning an all girl 1st cousin sleepover. There are 13 of us!

Well Iam going to go back to watching Phineas and Ferb. Talk to you again soon.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Burdens of the heart.

I have a strange feeling in my heart. It kind of hurts, and makes me want to cry.

I am ready to go back to school.

First I will be going on a trip to Michigan with my momma. Very exciting. My up north family is way too fun! I can't wait, and there is where I will learn how to make jam! Yumm!

I will talk to you soon.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

a haircut.

To start things off I got a new haircut! It's on of those things I always do spontaneously. The best way for me to describe my new do is: The haircut chicks in movies get when they get really pissed of and want to go kick some ones butt. For example Jennifer Lopez in Enough. I love it!

So I am sitting in my favorite room in the house: the front porch. I am sitting in a wicker chair with my feet propped up on my brothers guitar case sipping my coffee out of my favorite mug that I saved from being trashed. It is a great mug. I truly believe that this mug was made for me. Here is the story:

At the ceramic studio at school there was this old rusty looking teal mug. It is made out of coils and has a weird shape. The mug sat on the shelf alone. For the whole year I looked at the mug and even went to hold it to see if it fit into my hands. Well this mug is not perfectly round. But it fits perfectly into my hands. The mug fits into my grip. Then there is a perfect little spout to put your mouth at. The handle is small, but the way I hold it is PERFECT for that handle. I finally realized I needed that mug. So I went to my professor, who noticed that I was yearning for this mug, and he said take it! So I reglazed it to fill up the sad little holes, and I was praying it would hold liquid. It did. Now I drink coffee out of my favorite mug every morning so happy that I found it.

Today I am going to this great festival called Artscape. It is a blast. A huge music festival and art festival on the streets of Baltimore. I am excited to go and see the fellow artists and hope to find some treasures.

Hold on a second I need to refill my empty mug.

Today i look for new glasses!

So I read a blog this morning about our hearts. It made me think about my heart. About the hopes and dreams and the secrets of my heart. What I don't get is that your heart holds many of those secrets from you yourself. Which makes it very difficult to know who you are. I finally feel like I am starting to know me the real me. Well of course I don't know who I am fully. I am 19 years old and only been through about 1/3 of the tramatic experiences that I am sure I am going to go through in my life. But I really think I am starting to learn myself and the objections of my heart and the wants of my heart and the fears of my heart. The heart is a scary place. The truth is there.

Well that is it for today. I am going to get ready for my day. We will talk again soon.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sun kissed

I went to the beach on Sunday. It was the most beautiful day! My bestfriend, mother, and myself went to the beach and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Road trips, even short 3 hour ones, are the best! Windows down and music up. It was just the perfect day.

Ok. I have an issue. I cannot stand people texting when you are trying to hang out with them. It has really been bugging me lately. I am sorry but there is no reason to be texting during dinner when you are with other people. I will admit I have done this, texting in the company of others. However, I really try to restrain myself. It just feels like that person doesn't care to be with you. It is just an itch I will never be able to scratch.

So I saw Despicable Me on my birthday. Yes, my birthday was Friday! I love birthdays! Well this movie was wonderful, it was so funny. I couldn't stop laughing. There is so much going on you have to keep your eyes peeled to not miss anything.

I try for my driving license wednesday. Wish me luck.

Well that is all I got for right now. Talk to you all again soon.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

hello beautiful day!

Ooh! The past two days have been down right gorgeous in Maryland. Today was a wonderful day. Why is that? Well I started my day butt early. The youth at church did some service on a farm that donates all it's food to the MD Food Bank. We picked zucchini and tied up tomatoes until 11. After we finished I wanted to still work. We did such a little amount compared to what these guys do every day. FO FREE! Yes. FO FREE! I asked Mr. Man in Charge if he loved it. He smiled and said "Oh yes!", I said "It must be your passion.!" We understood eachother for a second and all was good. Passions are something you love so much you will do for free. It's more than love though. Being passionate about something is something you will have to experience for yourself. It is quite a treat. My whole day was started on the right foot and I am just as happy as a clam. Why are clams so happy? Well I am not sure, but clam it is!

I hope you all have clam happy days as well! Chat to you again soon!