Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Woah. I forgot what this whole thing was. Well here I am at the start of school again, picking back up the wonderful habit of blogging. Thank you April for saving me. College is a blast. Being sick is not. Here I sit at work, with nothing to do except surf the web (who do I sound like). I have had a miserable morning. Barely surviving my classes, not trying to maintain my dimming smile for work. I had a delicious roast beef sandwhich for lunch, which i secretly ate behind the desk. I love ceramics 1! It is the best class in the world. I got my hairs cut! After allowing my roomate to cut it, it needed a little re-touching. Well Thats all I got for now.

Tahnk You so much for visiting my mind. I will try dusting out the cobwebs. Love Yall


  1. #1 - I nearly cried reading that. I can breathe again, I have missed you so.
    #2 - I thank you for the Backstreet reference, I will be singing it for the remainder of the day.
    #3 - Shut up...I don't surf the web ALL day!
    #4 - I need to see the following items: a. Your new hairs, b. Your ceramic art and c. Pictures for your new header.
    #5 - I miss you so much my right knee hurts.

    Love, Me :)

  2. Oooh... where are you working, SummerLove? Do tell! And how's college life, are you loving it or wishing you weer still in the simple safe world of high school? Glad you're back!! I've missed the walk-through random tours of your random mind. *sigh

  3. I miss you!! And I hope you keep this blog up that I can stalk you while you are at college!! love you!

  4. Finally a blog post from the mind I love to wonder through. I am so glad that you are back at this.

  5.'s nearly been a month... :(