Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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we all have secrets.......weird huh? like we all have something we are hiding. how can you really know one person if they have those deep secrets. those deep secrets could totally reshape them, and we have no idea who the real them is. people live double lives all the time, and we are none the wiser.

so all day at work i have been reading this new blog i found.... and thats all i have been thinking about.

tehy are fantastic what a wonderful way to get out a secret. i think its funny, witty, and amazing. i mean no they arent secrets to be proud of....but i love it, i hope yall do too.

i nhad so much to say today i lost it all. it will come back to me. but go visit the blog and tell me what you think.

hope you enjoyed this visit to my mind come back soon.

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