Wednesday, February 25, 2009

not so wordless wednesday

so i love wordless wednesday but i just have so much to say so im just gonna not be wordless. im so hungry i feel like my stomach is trying to eat me. then i have this sticky stuff on my butt becausei sat on a mystery substance. EWW. i have this boo boo in the middle of my hand and every time i look at it i think about god. and i have had a couple slip ups in the cussing catergory today i had one....SORRY BRITT. schools almost done i got like 20 minutes left so im wasting it in here. im going to lee university cant wait. my computer at home isnt working and it makes me angry however my room is super clean and for some reason i have kept it clean for a week magic. i am reading new moon again i am a loser o well i like being a loser its fun. why do people find it offensive when they are called immature when im called immature i cant do anything but agree im 17 and my mind 1/2 the time will be in the gutter or just being plain goofy. i burnt my toungue twice yesterday in the same spot. i have 3 assignments due friday that i havent started. im trying not to cuss but people are throwing words aroud like its baseball practice its hard not to catch one and pass it right back. i am having a very bad hair day. i hate when you hear someones voice and you think its one guy and its someone else. GRR. ok here it goes...................WORDLESS

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  1. Summ. You have lots of Genuinity. Remember use it three times tomorrow and it's a WORD :)

  2. #1 Beautiful picture
    #2 We all have slip-ups in our own ways. Just be mindful of what you say and throw back other words like.... PORKCHOP!!!! or any other crazy word that you can think of. It will help make you laugh and think of me.