Wednesday, October 21, 2009

meteor showers & gentlemen

so i stayed up until 2:30 watching the meteor shower. it was so fun. i loved it! it was cold though so me and my roomate spooned for warmth. overall a great time. im having a good hair day. the math test today was EXTREME. like extremely hard. i guess cus i was too busy to study due to falling stars. MY BAD. so this morning im on the phone talking to momma walking to my 8 am class. and this guys is way behind me. as i am about to reach for the door. i look to my right and the guy is right there. i jumped a lil got a lil freaked. and then realized he came up quickly so he could open the door for me. HOW NICE! like small things like that just make your whole day. so thank you mysery boy who is in my bible class that opened the door for me. WILL YOU MARRY ME? ok maybe not. soooo today has been rather busy .but im out of stuff to blabber about.

thank you for visiting my mind, it has been enjoyable

RIP Walter Brooks.

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  1. Ohhh baybay...gonna getchyo'self a gentlemen. :P