Thursday, April 9, 2009

go big...or go home!

so im sitting at my computer. SHOCKER! yep my computer at my house, not my school. i know what a shame cus i have better thoughts there. so i am listening to one of my favorite singers...hes a little vulgar but truthfully i cant find anything like him thats clean and better or just as good. im in love with him, if you are curious his name is anthony hill. DONT JUDGE ME, you decided to read my blog. so today is CAN YOU TAKE THE HEAT DAY at chik fil a and me and bekah are going to GO TAKE THE HEAT! i need to get a prom dress. PAINTBALL THIS SATURDAY! seriously way too excited. my allergies are acting up. tomorrow night im spending the night at the halls house! im having a good hair day. OOO i watched jerry springer this morning it was the funniest thing ever these two gross women were fighting for this weird (britt i spelled it right!) guy and they were like belly bumping eachother ha! lee day was fabulous i cannot wait to start. so today i found out when im quiet people think i am being snotty HA! thats not the case. im craving a sweet tea from chik. mmm. im soo glad its not sunday for that same reason. so i have to go do laundry because i dropped everything from the trip on my floor late sunday night and its still there. so i have to make moms happy and clean it up.

IM GLAD YOU VISITED MY MIND. COME BACK SOON! or dont. but if you want you can.


  1. Man, chic sounds so good right now. I haven't had any for over a month ): It makes me very sad. -sighs-

    You seem to have good hair days when you blog xD

  2. I am so excited about paintball... in like 7 hours.