Friday, April 24, 2009

i dont wanna be a hypocrite...cus their not hip with it.

ok. so yesterday our conductor got fired. he wasnt reaching the "teaching" standards. yes in his deffense he was very good and our orchestra wasnt sounding half bad. (im sitting at the crappy computer again with the broken space bar.) and now a group of students are walking around school with these signs as a protest against him. protesting is fine you have a right. whatever. the catch is half of these kids were bad mouthing him LAST week. they all talk about how he was a jerk and how much they miss erin (ex-conductor who left cus she had a better job opportunity.) and its making me so angry. of music) came to us and told us and everyone was like what? why? thats dumb. blah blah blah blah blah. these kids dont make sense. they are never happy. and you know what else kids that arent even in the music department are doing it too. COME ON PEOPLE! if your an actor please stay in your department and dont try to fight for something you dont know CRAP about! oye vay!

ok well thanks for visitng my mind today hope you enjoyed the complimentary rant.

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  1. the rant is complimentary...that means we can take it or leave it? *wink*