Friday, October 23, 2009

rain & coke.

so i thought i was very witty up there....rain and coke....rum and coke. HAHAHA! too funny. i had a good laugh. ok so as i am sitting at the front desk im sipping on a coke. it has been on and off down pour for the past couple hours. but thats ok because i now have my rainboots on. so i am giving relationship to someone who is a little hopeless. NO OFFENSE TO HER. but im scared to plant a hope in her mind and have her get let down. so i am being unbelievably gentle. theres that fire alarm again just blinking begging me to pull it UGHH! why does wrong have to feel so right. tonight is the HODOWN! however the stupid rain might ruin that. ok so i was on facebook and theres an ad for a shirt that says bacon makes everything better. no it doesnt. chocolate does stop filling my mind with lies. i am so tired. well now i have some busy work i can get done. so thats what im gonna do.

thanks for this visit it was delightful.

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  1. p.s. - your package was shipped. Expect it soon :)