Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Self Care.

This semester I have learned ho important self care is. I don't mean brushing your teeth and showering. I mean obviously! But when I say self care I mean the things that balance you (the things that keep you sain.) I haven't had time to clean my room, or do pottery, or exercise, and even eat normal. It has all caught up to me. My energy is low and I do not want to share the little energy I have with anoybody. So this is me fixing my problem. I am learning to say no, and I am making plans with my self to do the things I truly need. Yesterday I had 2 hours to clean and just read magazines. I felt refreshed! Today I have time to pottery for as long as I want! I am going to go into the studio and just work as long as I want! No distractions. It is so important to take of yourself. I am glad I am learning this early!