Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Get your hands off my bassoon!

summerly feels the need to cuddle. everyoneand their mother is either sick...or in mexico. its so weird the swine flu comes alopng and everyone runs to mexico. i know of like 5 people in mexico for "VACATION". so we had a concert for kids today and we had to go in the audience and play with them and show them our instruments. so this kid comes up and grabs my bassoon while it was still in my hands. i grabbed it back and was like sorry kid you cant hold it. he HUMFed** and then stomped away. yes okay like im gonna let you hold my $5,000 bassoon. ha cute.. ok so tonight i am going to see the seniors preduction of mid summer night dream! so excited. but life isnt perfect and im missing the dodgeball tourney..sorry liv! BEACH WEEKEND! theres only like 7 of us....but it will be fun. i went driving last night. and the niight before. brit i actually might be ready to ride ur car soon! i wasnt too bad. ofcourse dad made it worse by yelling when i was about to intersect too early. im a begginer im not supposed to know everything. but i told him calmly that him yelling actually made my fear worse and my nervousness. all day i have had these butterflies in my stomach.....WHY? i dont even understand it!

well thats all i got. please remember to wash your hands religiously. and come back to visit soon!


  1. I feel as though because you know so many people in Mexico right now...that I need to go wash my hands just from being here and reading your blog :)

  2. I am so glad that you took your bassoon back. He doesn't need to hold it! And yeah for driving!!!! i will let you drive my car as long as no babies are present.