Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Get your hands off my bassoon!

summerly feels the need to cuddle. everyoneand their mother is either sick...or in mexico. its so weird the swine flu comes alopng and everyone runs to mexico. i know of like 5 people in mexico for "VACATION". so we had a concert for kids today and we had to go in the audience and play with them and show them our instruments. so this kid comes up and grabs my bassoon while it was still in my hands. i grabbed it back and was like sorry kid you cant hold it. he HUMFed** and then stomped away. yes okay like im gonna let you hold my $5,000 bassoon. ha cute.. ok so tonight i am going to see the seniors preduction of mid summer night dream! so excited. but life isnt perfect and im missing the dodgeball tourney..sorry liv! BEACH WEEKEND! theres only like 7 of us....but it will be fun. i went driving last night. and the niight before. brit i actually might be ready to ride ur car soon! i wasnt too bad. ofcourse dad made it worse by yelling when i was about to intersect too early. im a begginer im not supposed to know everything. but i told him calmly that him yelling actually made my fear worse and my nervousness. all day i have had these butterflies in my stomach.....WHY? i dont even understand it!

well thats all i got. please remember to wash your hands religiously. and come back to visit soon!

Friday, April 24, 2009

i dont wanna be a hypocrite...cus their not hip with it.

ok. so yesterday our conductor got fired. he wasnt reaching the "teaching" standards. yes in his deffense he was very good and our orchestra wasnt sounding half bad. (im sitting at the crappy computer again with the broken space bar.) and now a group of students are walking around school with these signs as a protest against him. protesting is fine you have a right. whatever. the catch is half of these kids were bad mouthing him LAST week. they all talk about how he was a jerk and how much they miss erin (ex-conductor who left cus she had a better job opportunity.) and its making me so angry. of music) came to us and told us and everyone was like what? why? thats dumb. blah blah blah blah blah. these kids dont make sense. they are never happy. and you know what else kids that arent even in the music department are doing it too. COME ON PEOPLE! if your an actor please stay in your department and dont try to fight for something you dont know CRAP about! oye vay!

ok well thanks for visitng my mind today hope you enjoyed the complimentary rant.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2 step..

ok guys theres a song that i just listened to and i am now in love with. only because its so danceable! just wait once you listen you wont be able to not dance! the song is: Fancy Footwork. by: Chromeo. so go listen to it. but finish reading my blog first. today at lunch i was sitting with my friends listening to this song dancing and all of a sudden i notice a group of boys look over at me....not attractive boys (well 1 is) BUT THATS NOT THE pointed me out to everyone else and one through his chair on the ground like he was shocked...ABOUT WHAT? i was confused and just waved (they waved back) and continued dancing. i mean now im super curious. i dont know if im gonna be at church tonight im debating. i kinda just need a night to just sleep. these boys are always late to class due to playing chess LAME! i had the best french fries yesterday! i made a heart out of a gum wrapper. i want to go swimming. im wearing tye dye! im craving chipotle...but no money darn it! so i have this horrible curse...overthinking every situation. i have to stop cus it ruins everything! well im gonna go do something..


now you can go listen to that song!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

if walls could talk..i would listen.

seriously i was just thinking...besides god walls know everything! seriously i wish i could here what a wall has to say. they know secrets from years and years back. the library is ridiculously crowded. not so happy about that. guys i am being really mature...and i hate it. theres this guy and he really likes me and yes i feel the same but nothing can happen because of college. i have seriously been keeping with that. ITS SO HARD. i hate being mature. immaturity is beauty! i would really love to hear what the walls in prince charmings castle had to say. i bet they knew the best gossip. even though gossip is a sin, i still enjoy it. BUT I REALLY DONT TRY TO SIN. listen im growing up im realizing ow hard it is not to sin. i mean seriously sinning is seemingly wonderful stuff...i guess thats what makes it a sin. why is it harder to not sin when you are an adult. i bet any wall can answer that question. if walls spoke do you think they would have different accents depending on where they are built. and they would know different knowledge too. WONDERFUL! what a great thought to get lost in. i have been having very strange dreams. i had chipotle for lunch...i love leftover chipotle! ITS ALWAYS BEST THE SECOND DAY! yumm. i have been a lil curious because someone is supposed to talk to me about something and and some people like to keep those kinds of things to themselves...GRR.

well thats all i have to say...not really but this will do.


Monday, April 20, 2009

tendonitis and sweet talkers.

i would just like to say how much i like boys. i really just enjoy them. i have a certain friend and he just takes care of me like no other friend i have. and then there is another guy who feels the need to talk to me everyday...i feel the same. its just nice. i know some guys are little turds but i have really been finding the good ones. i mean present not past(for those of you who are thinking other wise.) my tendonitis is acting so bad im miserable. im gonna go home rub bengay all over my arm and watch some tv! sounds wonderful! OOOO PROM DRESS TONIGHT FOR SURE~

ok well im out schools over. library is empty.


Friday, April 17, 2009

soo please tell me what the point of a SUPER expensive limo is. the group im in wants to pay 102 bucks a person for the limo. THERES LIKE 14 OF US! its like 1500ish. my date was like well you gotta pick if you wanna do it or not. I DONT! im angry its so dumb. i had a wonderful piece of pizza today for lunch. im about to practice some bassoon. i dont know what else to write about. i know its sad but im a lil speechless. so im gonna go practice and try to get that cat to let go of my tounge.

come back soon. and for my creeper......i like when you creep me! (april) not to be meant in a weird way.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


i tried on my cap and gown today and wanted to cry. for some reason i am super paranoid right now. dont worry i didnt do drugs. i am so over with this year and i want to start fresh. i am tired and cant think straight. i keep looking for someone i know isnt in here. (the school library). i have this friend i screwed things up with and now they cant be mended. I HAVE TRIED but it just doesnt work. it makes me sad cus me and him were so close and it is just so sucky. i need to go shopping. paintball was a blast i really would love to go again. i have a test to take so wish me luck!

I LOVE YALL ALOT...COME BACK. only come back if i post again dont come back to reread all my posts cus that is a lil creepy. so dont be a creeper.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

go big...or go home!

so im sitting at my computer. SHOCKER! yep my computer at my house, not my school. i know what a shame cus i have better thoughts there. so i am listening to one of my favorite singers...hes a little vulgar but truthfully i cant find anything like him thats clean and better or just as good. im in love with him, if you are curious his name is anthony hill. DONT JUDGE ME, you decided to read my blog. so today is CAN YOU TAKE THE HEAT DAY at chik fil a and me and bekah are going to GO TAKE THE HEAT! i need to get a prom dress. PAINTBALL THIS SATURDAY! seriously way too excited. my allergies are acting up. tomorrow night im spending the night at the halls house! im having a good hair day. OOO i watched jerry springer this morning it was the funniest thing ever these two gross women were fighting for this weird (britt i spelled it right!) guy and they were like belly bumping eachother ha! lee day was fabulous i cannot wait to start. so today i found out when im quiet people think i am being snotty HA! thats not the case. im craving a sweet tea from chik. mmm. im soo glad its not sunday for that same reason. so i have to go do laundry because i dropped everything from the trip on my floor late sunday night and its still there. so i have to make moms happy and clean it up.

IM GLAD YOU VISITED MY MIND. COME BACK SOON! or dont. but if you want you can.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

music geek...

today my theory class was talking about 7th diminished chords.....wich is just a chord like F-A-C-E....ok so we started talking in music language and using all the insults in chords. and we named everyone a chord based on who they are. so my name i s7 diminished 6 9 of flat 3. THATS HILARIOUS CUS IT DOESNT EXSIST AND ITS RIDICULOUS. so i realize no one will understand it but this is what i have been doing all a loser.



o and i have some bad news. they arent letting me walk at graduation. i just found out today. and i cried for like a while. its dumb because they said i didnt represent the department well enough and the fact i got a D on my jury. a jury is our final test to show what we have learned(on bassoon). so im super duper upset about this.