Sunday, March 15, 2009

i guess this is just life...

so im back to my lovely blog. and surprisingly i am sitting on my couch with my brothers lap top. im staring out window at the rain. this is my best time to think. im ready to leave for college...i guess that is because i feel my life i slowly falling apart. im happy though cus my brother is home and we really are close. so i guess i feel this way because i am way too dependent on other people. all mybrothers things are dusty from iraq. i love that. its so real. i miss brittany. i saw you this morning but i still miss you i feel far away. i needto figure a way to get out of my slump. im going to go color a picture. it will make me happy. o i made really good rice krispy treats. they were delish! well thats enough for now.

welcome back to my mind. i hope yall didnt miss it too much.


  1. You're almost there...and don't forget how far you have come. Chin up...the sun'll come OUTTTT tomorrow! :)

    Betch'er bottom dollar that tomorrowwwww!!!

    It's laid for you baby doll...just you wait and see :)

  2. This is just a season. A cold, wet, dark season. I love you... we love you. Just know that.