Saturday, May 29, 2010

Polka Until You drop.

Happy Saturday friends! The weather is a little iffy but it should be a happy one. My mom is putting on an event tonight for Relay for Life. We are having it at a polka bar. Yes a polka bar. My family is Ukranian and it is in our blood to get down a polka. My mom has fallin in love with it so why not fall with her! It should be a blast.

This morning my momma and I are planning to hit a yardsale or two, and hopefully find some gold.

So I have an internship. It started as a deal for free space to throw pottery in. The deal was two hours of work and as much free time to throw on the potters wheel as I want! Well the man I work with has been working on pottery for fory years! AMAZING! Well he has turned this whole thing upside down into an internship. He said that he wanted to hook me up with his assistant to learn different glazing technniques and things of that nature. I love it. I am passionate about it. I can't wait to have my own wheel and kiln and throw in the comfort of my own home. Just to safe a few thousand now to get that dream out of the way.

So I hate painting. There is still so much to paint in my room. We have kind of paused the project out of pur laziness. Oh well hopefully I will get the energy to just kill it.

Speaking of energy I have been lacking. I need to excercise and get healthy. It's just so easy to lose focus when you see the couch and tv. Oh and especially when a friend calls with something more exciting then running around in circles. But I have to start training for rugby. Gotta get in shape to beat up some girls.

I have a new love....FRUIT SMOOTHIES! Yumm. So easy too. My first one was banananana, strawberries, and oranges. You add the fruit, ice, and orange juice and WALA! Delicious. The possibilities are endless!

Well off for a hectic crazy Saturday! Talk to you all again real soon.


  1. Yummy, well then you will love to make Fruit ice pops with my new toy!! :P

  2. OH MAN!
    1. you need to make me a smoothie
    2. I am SOOOO happy for you about the internship, like super stoked for you:)