Monday, May 10, 2010

As I sit on my couch and eat my oatmeal and drink my tea I couldn't be more content. My good friend is about to come over to go get some lunch from our favorite lunch place. Hot wings and subs. Yes, please!

I proclaim this summer the DIY Summer! I have so many projects this summer that I have to do as cheap as possible. I am so excited to get stated on my room. So far I have the color brown in mind. But that is about it. Where to go from there. I don't know.

I met my brothers girlfriend last night. He really wants me to be friends with her. But my brothers are also fully aware of the fact that I am one tough person to please when it comes to girls for them. So did I like her? Was game night a success? Well I am not sure. She is a lot like me. I have a hard time liking people like me. But my brother really likes her. She really tried to be nice to me. Well I am undecided. I am going to need a couple more game nights. I know I sound a little tough but I am. I will keep y'all updated.

Well that's about it for right now. Meet y'all later on my couch again sometime soon.


  1. Ohhh DIY my FAVORITE!!! I can't wait to see what you do!!

  2. I have lots of things in mind for this summer too. Maybe some of your DIY projects can help me decorate my house =)

    It makes my heart smile to know that you are content. 1 more day!

  3. Me too!
    :O which brotherr? SO much has
    P.S. I wanna help with your room.. let me?:)