Monday, May 3, 2010

Project Summer.

So I have decided that my summer is going to be jammed pack with projects! Maybe reading a book or two. Any good suggestions? I am learning how to make jam! I want to dive into the piano and learn how to be able to just play without thinking about it. I am going to be training with my dear brother and father all summer for rugby next year. And lastly I will be searching for the most boring cookbook of all time. My mother and I have decided that we want to give a cookbook without pictures a chance. We are those people who grab a cookbook open it and immediately close it when we do not see vibrant colorful pictures of the delicious meals. We will be cooking from the book and taking pictures of our cooking adventures putting our photos in the book, and giving life to the dead dead cookbook! So that's exciting!

I need to study for my psychology exam tomorrow. Another 8 a.m. final. Who actually thinks that people can think a 8 in the morning. I know my brain doesn't actually wake up until about 1:46 p.m. somewhere around there. Oh well I will just endure it.

The weather feels like Puerto Rico outside. AKA...Muggy and sooooo humid! BLEH!

1 week until I a home!

I am craving strawberries! Chocolate strawberries. Ooooh yea!

Well that's all fo me today. I hope you enjoyed this walk through my mind. Come again soon.


  1. 1 week till I get to HUG ya!!
    Oh and the cookbook idea!! Sounds AWESOME!
    I think you and Mom should start a blog together for it...just for the recipes then your pictures. Kinda like Julie and Julia!! :P

  2. I am making jam this summer too.... weird! And the adult staff are doing a great book study together at VERB. I hope you will want to be a part of it.