Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Diane keaton you are inspiration.

To all people who have experienced divorce in their lives. This goes to you.

Tonight my mother and father talked about what is going to happen now that I am 19. How much will my father pay? Will he pay? Insurance? And then the nonsense comments mom throws in. The comments that don't need to be said. Or in her words the comments she thinks Diane Keaton would say. My oldest brother and I watch this ping pong match and can't help but chuckle at the comedy in it all. A good friend and I were talking the other night about how complex we make the simple things. Well this is one of those times. My mother has been hurt, yes. However, she takes the complexity of her emotions and throws them in front of the simplicity of buisness. If this life we live in were a Diane Keaton movie let me tell you I would be a happy girl. It would be simple, yet over the top, and always classy. Well somewhat. But it's not. This divorced world we have found ourselves in is it. This is what we have to work with. Who I am is the product of a "broken" family. Everything I have become I give thanks to my parents. Sure I have some broken parts, but all together I enjoy who I have become. A divorce is not a dead end. Divorce is a maze, ofcourse you are going to find yourself stuck at points but if you work hard you will make it out! Frustration is just a barrier I have to jump. I will jump it. I will make it.

Well that is it. Call it a rant. Call it vent. Call it a pretty darn satisfying read.
You can't deny it I got a blog that you want to read again tomorrow. Problem is I'm to lazy to write tomorrow. Maybe next week.

So there it is, I will meet you right back here whenever. Talk to you soon.


  1. and you know...sometimes all you gotta do is chuckle.

  2. You will and will be a stronger person at the end of it all

  3. Summerly,I am so glad that you are not letting this destroy you. You are too beautiful of a person to be destroyed. I love you:)