Tuesday, May 11, 2010

cat cuddles & rainy puddles

My cat is snuggling up to me. The blinds are open. All the lights in the house are off. I am at peace. Rainy days. There is nothing like a rainy day at home. It's the best.

I'm getting ready to make some lunch. Including rice, chicken, and avacados. What it will be? I have no idea. But I am hungry.

Tonight I have a date with my dear friend! I cannot wait to see laugh with her!

I'm gonna light my black cherry candle.

So I have decided. I like her. But because she is dating my brother I will not become close with her. I will keep my guard up. But I will not be cold. I will be friendly. But the fence is up. We will call her Broadway for now on.

Baths! The best thing about being home. Taking baths. I don't get to take baths at college. I am so excited for hours and hours worth of baths!

I need to learn how to use the coffee maker in my house.

Broadway beat me in a game of Rummy. I think I am bitter for this.

Well I need to start my lunch! I can't ignore my stomach any longer. Let's chat again soon.

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