Saturday, June 26, 2010

An outdoor theater.

Who ever thought of watching movies outside was genius! Last night I went with a friend and watched Avatar oustide at his pastors backyard. This was the same group from the church I visited a couple weeks back. It was wonderful! The lightening bugs are flying all over the place and everyone is just comfortable and having a great time. As long as you have bug spray you are in the clear! It was such a great night.

I am listening to my Counting Crows station on pandora. Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band is on now. Right before was A Long December by the Counting Crows...I am growing to love that song.

I am in love with these great t-shirts from Target. They are the v-necks with the pocket on the...boob area. Not to be innapropriate but that is where it is and that is exactly where the makers intended on it to be; perverts. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT POCKET FOR? Except for people to take notice in that area. You know what speaking of it my guy friend did tell me thats what happens. I love the shirts not the teensy pocket. Anyways I got about 5 of them all different colors.

If you do not have a pandora I insist that you go get one. It's a website where you can find your favorite band and make a station. IT"S THE BEST! I am really late on the pandora train.

Meet Virginia by Train just came on.

Well today was a sad day. U.S. lost to Ghana 2-1. Very depressing. It went into overtime. Man was I sick when I saw that last Ghana goal. Well now I need to pick a new team to root for in the World Cup. Who's yours? Soccer is a beautiful sport. They look like they are dancing with the ball. Lovely.

My brother is at a Phish concert as we speak. I hate to admit but I am a little jealous. But in his defense his friend bought him the ticket two months ago while I was still in school. Still it's a bummer. I asked for a t-shirt. So hopefully I will get one! If you don't know who they are check em out. I love them hope you do to.

Well that is all for tonight. We will chat again sometime soon.

P.S. Name by The Goo Goo Dolls is on now.

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  1. Uhm...I LOVE that song...A Long December.

    Love it.