Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cool breeze.

Today is beautiful. So I am just checking in trying not to get sucked into the blogosphere. It's a cool breezy day. Perfect for a run, a dog walk, and maybe some painting.

Yesterday, besides the fun family funk we all deal with, was very inspiring. I created all day. I spent three hours on the pottery wheel! I tried two new forms. A box being one of them. I am so excited to see how it turned out. I also sat outside for about an hour painting with my watercolors! I am very amateur with watercolors, but it is so enchanting. The idea of watercolors puts a smile on my face. It's elegant and simple. I may be quite awful, but I love it regardless.

I visited a new church on Sunday. I loved it. It seemed to fit all my criteria, and the people! Oh the people. You know when you walk into a strange place but are simply calmed by the warmth of all people there. It was welcoming and the prescence of God was overwhelming! Needless to say I will be visiting again. However, to those biting your nails. I will never leave VERB.

Wanna know what my family ate for dinner last night? Grilled cheeses with macoroni and cheese on the side. I think we are cute.

So being home from college is a lot to get used to. Mom actually sent me to my room the other day. Then she realized how ridiculous it was and lifted the punishment. Too funny!

Is it bad that I don't care if my ceilning is painted? Who cares? Mom does. And watch out get on her bad side and she will send you to your room. Never gets old haha.

Well it's time to enjoy this beautiful day!
Goodbye dear friends.


  1. This blog makes me so happy, not sure why. Just you make me happy:) Oh, and I am glad that you will never leave verb, I was biting my nails. :)

  2. I seriously DON'T know how I missed these posts!! My bad...

    HA you got sent to your ROOMMMMMM!!! :P