Monday, June 21, 2010

Well it might be the slowness of my summer, but I am starting to get excited to go back to school. My summer is lagging quite a bit. I need an adventure. Some kind of excitement or trip. I am going to Michigan next month! But I am starting to feel like I need more than that. Call me selfish. I SCREAM FOR ADVENTURE!

The World Cup has been the center of my attention. This Wednesday U.S. vs. Algeria. So come on U.S. we need this! My brother likes to wake me up for the early 9 a.m. games so I know that will be the case then.

Speaking of my brother. I have become very close with him. We hang out everyday, and I am eating it up. I never get to see him while at school and I know he has better things to do. He picks to hang out with me. He as easily become one of my best friends. It's as simple as that.

For dinner I had delicious chicken, hummus, and chick pea and bean wraps. So good.

My mom bought years worth of strawberries.

So I am in drives education. Yes, I jumped a little too late on the driving train. But here I go! Drives ed. is awful! I hate it so much. 3 hours. Monday thru Thursday. My teacher is this very goofy man. He has a story for everything, and always laughs at his own jokes. THe sad thing is nothing he says is funny. You just hear pity laughs around the room. Poor guy.

Well that is all tonight. I hope you all enjoyed your first official day of summer!


  1. good luck with dr.ed. it'll be over fast & you can hit the open road? haha.

  2. ahhh you can pick ME up in my DRIVEWAY soon!! And when you drop me off we can talk for an hour in MY driveway! :P