Thursday, July 1, 2010

hello beautiful day!

Ooh! The past two days have been down right gorgeous in Maryland. Today was a wonderful day. Why is that? Well I started my day butt early. The youth at church did some service on a farm that donates all it's food to the MD Food Bank. We picked zucchini and tied up tomatoes until 11. After we finished I wanted to still work. We did such a little amount compared to what these guys do every day. FO FREE! Yes. FO FREE! I asked Mr. Man in Charge if he loved it. He smiled and said "Oh yes!", I said "It must be your passion.!" We understood eachother for a second and all was good. Passions are something you love so much you will do for free. It's more than love though. Being passionate about something is something you will have to experience for yourself. It is quite a treat. My whole day was started on the right foot and I am just as happy as a clam. Why are clams so happy? Well I am not sure, but clam it is!

I hope you all have clam happy days as well! Chat to you again soon!

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  1. #1 - Happy as a Clam....

    #2 - What's your passion? The thing you love so much, you would do it for FREE?