Tuesday, March 2, 2010

wet snow & watercolors

today it snowed. i am just ready for a tennessee spring. but all i can do is savor the little teases we get, of 50-60 degree days, randomly. the snow was slushy ans wet and my rain boots put up a good fight and won. i was dry all day.

last night i went to art club for the first time. i loved it. we did watercolor paintings. let me tell you there is nothing like the freedom of a paintbrush and paint with a white clean slate. anything is possible. all your emotions and thoughts just smoothly make their ways on the page and turn into something words could never do justice. last night inspired me to buy a little watercolor pad and paints to keep in my room to do whenever i need to let it all out.

tomorrow we need to pick our new roomates. its a dreadful time.

i am going to do a wal-mart run with my roomate to pick up some necessities.
so thank you for visiting my mind. come back soon.

1 comment:

  1. I'll be your roomate!!! And we can stay up all night painting watercolors and in the mornin' I'm making WAFFLES :P
    I miss you. Glad we got to talk today, even if only for a brief moment.