Monday, March 1, 2010

sunburn & mario

last night i got back from a rugby weekend. we had two games in one weekend and i am proud to say we are undefeated. i am sunburnt on my face which i didnt realize till last night.

we have an N64 in our dorm room where none of us get anything done. it is fantastic to play mario with your roomates. we all drop everything and just have fun.

i miss real food. the food you eat in college is everything but.

i am sipping on some earl grey tea. delicious. alot lighter than my usual black coffee.

postsecret. i have talked about this before but let me tell you guys i love it.
follow their blog, see that others have secrets too, make a postcard of your own and sent it in. ITS GREAT!

i have the hiccups at this very moment. they are great. plus the fact that i have very goofy hiccups, they make me smile and in quiet places very uncomfortable.

now i have to read a very long german story by Tolstoy for english. it has to be done by 2 and i am the slowest reader of all time.

OH MY! the tallest man ever just walked into my work. and as i was talking to stilts i couldn't help but be nervous he was looking down my shirt which i am not even showing any cleavage so no worries there...still nervous. i was sitting down and i had to totally tilt my head all the way up to look at him i thought standing would be better. oh wait i am only 5'4" not any better. sit back down. what a good time. gotta love those basketball players.

thanks for visiting my mind come back soon.