Monday, March 22, 2010

laundry, japan & paychecks

I got my paycheck today in the mail! And luckily get another one next week! Mommas bringing home the bacon!

So I have already realized in the past that I have horrible luck with simple tasks. This including buttoning buttons, zipping zippers, and buckling belts. Where did this struggle come from? I have no idea? But it was very apparent today when I spent over 2 minutes fumbling with my 3-hole jacket. Yes it took me over 2 minutes to button 3 buttons. It was chaos.

My English teacher is a complete is a complete Japanese culture junkie. Right now he is having us watch this geek turns chic and gets the girl movie. Very cheesy, corny, and completely a guilty pleasure. Each one of us students hates to say it but we love this movie.

I finish ALL of my laundry yesterday! ALL OF IT! Clean clothes are the best. Clean underwear even better!


Today was the first day of classes after spring break. It went surprisingly smooth and well.

But I am going to go do the unthinkable and dive into my history textbook. The 48 I got on the last exam is very painful. Now to try to save my poor helpless GPA.

Come back soon.


  1. you better dive in missy!!!

    What movie??

  2. Not sure the title. It has subtitles..

  3. I was going to ask what the movie was too. Find it out for us!

    i can't help but think you are almost home!