Friday, March 19, 2010

Sweet Sounds of Buble.

Michael Buble has stolen my heart. His song Haven't Met You Yet is the story of my life, and every time I listen I can't help but smile. Thanks goes out to my dear friend who introduced him to me. We listen and smile together, it's the best.

It took me forever to get my stubborn contacts in this morning.

Florida was a blast. I tend to get easily annoyed at the end of trips, and so that is what happened. I was ready to leave when we left. But the Florida sun was bright and warm (most of the time). And my friend's aunt stuffed us full with blueberry pancakes, grilled steak and pineapples, berry smoothies, and omelets. Vacation = an extra 3 lbs. and a happy belly.

Arby's for lunch our idea of "healthy"!

So today is gorgeous weather. I can't wait to go outside and soak up more sun. I am going to get a nice blanket lay out in the park and paint with my watercolors. (I may or not have "borrowed" them from the art room.)

Since we left Florida early the dorm is quiet and peaceful. It's actually very nice. I didn't have to bury my head under the pillow last night to shield the light that my roommates refuse to turn off or have to monitor the sound of my music.

Well it's off to lunch with a friend and the park time.
Thanks for the visit through my mind. Be sure to visit again soon.


  1. oh painting in the park sounds divine. You must paint me a gorgeous picture for my hopefully-complete-one-day-soon-Craft-Room...possibly including the color teal :P

  2. I've been wanting to buy the Michael Buble CD for weeks, but I always forget! I heard so much about it. I seriously have to remember to buy it...

    I totally fell in love with your header by the way.

  3. I hate Michael Buble. He makes me sick and my wife loves to listen to him. GAGG

  4. I could listen to him all day long.... sigh.

    Glad you loved Florida (maybe we could go as a girls trip one day)

  5. Cory...get over it. You know deep down you love the smooth stylings of such a man!!