Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Christians Ramble

I am going to Barnes & Nobles today. I am so excited because to me a bookstores is a place filled with possibilities that are waiting for you to find them. I get so excited looking at everything. I take my time, order a coffee, and then gather as many books that I can hold. I then sit and try to learn something new, or figure out the secret of life. It may seem silly but there is something magical about a bookstore. I watched The Book of Eli last night. If you haven't seen it I urge you too. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me think though. In the movie the people of the near future can't read and some have not even seen a book. "The book" was the priceless treasure that held the key to everything. I think that we don't take this book as seriously as we should. Because what if there was only one Bible left. I would be able to quote a few scriptures, but then what? There are so many Bibles laying around we just take advantage of it. I mean I would love to know the Bible from front to back, but then that scares me. Knowing the whole Bible means knowing all right and wrong.

-Now if you are reading this and you do not have the same religious views I am not trying to debate anything I am just stating my own concerns.

Knowing that right and wrong puts a lot on me to follow all of that. I would try as best as I can, but then God knows I would not be able to follow word by word. Back to the point this movie gave me incentive to treasure my Bible. You may think well you are a christian shouldn't you treasure your Bible anyway, or what a hypocrite. Well it is just a struggle. I do not read my Bible everyday like I should. Honestly it is hard for me to concentrate when I read the Bible. It is not easy, and I know I am not the only one out there. However, I do use what I know of the Bible everyday in my life to keep myself on track. I guess that is the gist of it. This movie really made me think, and I need to take my christian life more seriously, and follow what I know. Barnes & Noble is waiting.

Thanks for listening dear friends. We will chat again soon.

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