Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sun kissed

I went to the beach on Sunday. It was the most beautiful day! My bestfriend, mother, and myself went to the beach and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Road trips, even short 3 hour ones, are the best! Windows down and music up. It was just the perfect day.

Ok. I have an issue. I cannot stand people texting when you are trying to hang out with them. It has really been bugging me lately. I am sorry but there is no reason to be texting during dinner when you are with other people. I will admit I have done this, texting in the company of others. However, I really try to restrain myself. It just feels like that person doesn't care to be with you. It is just an itch I will never be able to scratch.

So I saw Despicable Me on my birthday. Yes, my birthday was Friday! I love birthdays! Well this movie was wonderful, it was so funny. I couldn't stop laughing. There is so much going on you have to keep your eyes peeled to not miss anything.

I try for my driving license wednesday. Wish me luck.

Well that is all I got for right now. Talk to you all again soon.


  1. I miss you.
    Texting while hanging sucks...I try to be careful of it too.
    Despicable Me looks hilarious.
    I have a card for you my dear.
    When will I see you again?

  2. So Descpicable Me was relaly good?! I can't wait to see it, now. Thanks!!

    PS: I hate the texting thing, too, BUT I have a point of exhaution. I'm okay with a text here and there, becuase you never know the circumstances around who they're texting and what it's about. BUT when it's been about 20 minutes of text text text. I'm SOOO Over it. HELLO MANNERS, people!!