Thursday, April 29, 2010

Upside Down.

Jack Johnson you will forever be my chill music. My music that lightens my heart and makes me want to be on the beach. The music that is expressive and simple. Thank You.

This semester is almost done. It is exam week. And ladies and gentlemen this means that I have officially finished my first year of college....almost. Just wait until these 2 exams are done and I will have 1 year under my belt! I am ready for a summer home! I am excited to see those familiar faces that love you no matter what. I am ready to see scowling instead of smiling. And I cannot wait to smell that sweet aroma of Baltimore....smell that pollution! And more than ever I am ready for an adventure. I am thinking road trip!

The weather has been amazing. I think that calls for some cliff jumping at the blue hole!

So I am not mentioning names but lets call him Q. So I met Q last week and this guys is all the check marks on my list. NO LIE! A guy who surfs, throws pottery, and travels! Well I think he is just a nice guy. My room mate said that he may just be an example of what my standards should look like! I think she is right. I have wasted time with too many Logan's (aka buttholes). I still can't help but swoon when I see him! MMMM! It's just a harmless crush.

So in the ceramic studio there is a cat in the ceiling. A ceiling cat. I named him Raku (a type of clay) So I have plans on saving him. I will tell y'all how that goes later.

Well I love y'all thank you for visiting my mind come again soon.


  1. "I am ready to see scowling instead of smiling" Ehhh?

    And what is this BLUE HOLE that you speak of? Will Beaver Dam this summer suffice?

    And...a boy that throws pottery and a cat in the ceiling...too much adventure RIGHT before you come home AHHHH!!

  2. i can help you plan a rescue!!!

  3. I actually wrote a paper on that song for my culture and personality class. I got an A! And that's one of my favorite songs.
    And cliff jumping...have fun with that! Though I would like to see this blue hole
    And you're gonna have to show me this kitten in the ceiling in the pottery room :)