Thursday, April 8, 2010

battle wounds & the president

So rugby practice was brutal for me yesterday. I stayed on the ground for about 60% of the 2 hour practice. I couldn't get a break. I also jammed my finger, and now I am impatiently waiting for the clinic to open so they can pop it out. OOOH I'm nervous. But I got some cool bruises from practice that I am proud to show off.

Today was the famous "Ask the President" day in chapel today. The day where you can ask the president of my college anything your heart desires and he will answer. It is fantastic. It's like Christmas meets Valentines meets New Years meets Ground Hogs day. Something along those lines!

The rain won't stop.

Today is TOMS Go a Day Without Shoes Day. They have a facebook page so it's official.

So instead of popping my finger out they just put it in a gaudy finger brace. I could stop traffic in this thing...NO LIE!

Well the rains stopping and I should actually do some work!

Come back to my mind soon.


  1. FAVORITE part of the questions with the president....dancing spongebob! How random was that??

  2. It seems to me that we followed you on the journey during the post over about two+ hours. :) Way to make a little post seem like it took you forever to write. :P