Thursday, April 22, 2010

butterflies, oreos & art journals

My room never seems to stay clean. I don't know what it is. I know it's not me. Maybe there are little angry elves who come out at night that like to try my clothes on and throw them on the floor and not in the shopping cart where they belong. It's a conspiracy.

So today I learned that having a crush on someone is not the only way to get butterflies. Today I did something I have felt God putting on my heart. I needed to tell a certain person...lets call him Heat....that I have been praying for him and that I have felt a strong connection between us(not romantically). But as soon as I saw Heat I got an extreme case of butterflies, and as I was telling him I had butterflies, and those same butterflies stuck with me till the end. It was a great feeling. God is a funny guy and I know he was giving me those butterflies to show that I was doing what he asked.

Today I remembered the magic of peanut butter and oreos. It was DELICIOUS.

I made my very own journal! I guess I should do some tutorial or something but that is not me. It was so easy kinda. But now I have my own journal to create in. I think everyone should have one or at least look through someone elses. They are very inspiring things. I love them!

There is nothing more satisfying then seeing your boss get dunked at a dunking booth!

Well I am off to a ball game! It will be a fun night.

Thank you for visiting my mind I hope you come again soon!


  1. Is your journal written like your blog??

  2. Aw, I love your boss and this boy "heat" =) I hope the conversation went well. I miss you!!!!!! I can't wait until you come home! This summer is all about me and you baby! Oh yeah and your other friends.