Thursday, March 10, 2011

Perfect Day.

This week has bee my spring break and it has been wonderful. I have spent my week relaxing and going to my favorite spots at home. Today is a rainy Thursday, and I will be spending it thrifting with my good friend from over at 2 Slicks Good Times. Go check out her blog it is wonderful! I love days like this! Cannot wait to see what we find!

1 comment:

  1. What a day eh? Stumbled onto an underground gambling ring, I nearly had my chest fondled, you will soon own a bird, I bought some clockes,cloches,clothches,glassdomethingees, we found out that around here people have antique shops in their basements, oh and then we found out that when you get excited you lock your keys in your running car...I blame Goodwill...after all they did slap the word "outlet" onto their new stores name...that IS quite exciting...when you finally find it that is! :)
    Love you. Miss you already.
    Have Fun.
    See you soon!
    A :)