Monday, January 31, 2011

Procrastination Post

As I sit here at work procrastinating from my homework that is due in 2 hours I remembered: I MUST POST. When you don't want to do something everything else seems so much more important. So here is goes the procrastination post.

First. I would like to say to all the attractive taken boys on campus STOP being so nice. You have girlfriends don't be nice to the sweet single girls. I rather be ignored than smiled at and greeted warmly on my rainy Monday. Please don't get my hopes up for nothing.

Second. There is something magical about rain boots. I turn into a child as soon as I put them on. I go out of my way to splash around in a puddle or walk in the mud just because I can. I feel so empowered by the fact I can make a mess and not get dirty! I love rainboots.

Third. This Business Stat. homework is staring me down. I really need to study and just get it over with it.

Only an hour until lunch, and then classes take up the rest of my day.

To all my readers out there: Have a wonderful Monday!

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