Friday, February 12, 2010


Being in Tenn. you would think that I would be affected by the crazy snow fall up North. But I am. I can't get home, this whole week has been insane and I am going crazy. Weather is cold here, and I have been having constant headaches. On the bright side I am on the dorm wars team for my dorm! Dorm Wars is a fight to death! All the dorms on campus compete and I am so excited! MMM I just had chocolate covered cherries, my FAVORITE! So we have a Nintendo 64 in my dorm, problem is one of the wires doesnt work. So me and my RA are gonna go on a hunt to find one! This is all I have right now. But I will be back. Thanks for visiting my mind.

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  1. Oh I have missed you!!! And I want a hug. From you. Now.